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Discussion in 'Directory Announcements' started by Hans, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. Hans New Member


    ZOMDir.com is a generic link directory. It is in contrast to all other directories an open wiki. That means that everyone is able to:
    • Add a link
    • Edit a link
    • Promote a link
    • Demote a link
    • Remove a link
    The latest option is probably the most important option. The web is changing constantly which makes linkrot inevitable, so being able to remove a link is must if you want to create a high quality directory. Everything what happens on ZOMDir.com is as transparant as possible. With the help of change logs and RSS news feeds it is possible to monitor the changes. To prevent spam, it is only possible to add a link once and there is a check if a link is "safe" to visit. To prevent linkrot links will be checked regulary and broken links will be removed automatically.

    Besides the operations on links mentioned above, everyone is able to:
    • Add a subject or location
    • Rename a subject or location
    • Hide a subject or location
    • Change the hierarchy of subjects and locations
    • Change the texts used
    Initally the focus was on Dutch websites so there aren't that many links to English websites at this moment.

    A good starting point to learn more about ZOMDir is the website whatis.zomdir.com there you will also find a link to the sandbox environment of ZOMDir.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me when you have questions about ZOMDir.com.

    Thanks, and best regards,

  2. Converse Active Member


    I will try very had to remember to look at your directory more closely within the next week. Otherwise, please don't hesitate to remind me. Welcome to the forum.

  3. Clarke Member


    I checked your directory site its good. But I want to know that How anyone can remove any link?
    What criteria it required to add or remove link in it?

  4. Hans New Member


    To remove a link you have to edit the link first. You edit a link by clicking the pencil near the link. At the bottom of the edit form you will find a remove button. Click this button and the link is gone.

    Criteria for adding a link are described in the Guidelines (see the footer of ZOMDir for a link). Every link is welcome when places at the correct page. Links to homepages of a website are preferred above deeplinks.

    In these Guidelines you will also find some suggestions to remove links like:
    - Spammy links (like several related pages of the same website);
    - Doorway pages;
    - Affiliate links.

    Of course broken links, links to parking sites and links to low quality websites should be removed.

    The latest one might be tricky because quality is in the eye of the beholder, however it is often easy for me to discover a low quality site. It often contains some generic text, which adds no value at all.

    Hope this helps,

  5. Hans New Member


    Hi, I'm still curious what your opinion is about ZOMDir

  6. chinomoreno New Member


    Removed links are still there?

  7. Hans New Member


    Removed links are visible in the RSS feed of that page and at the page removed links. Both links will be find in the footer of ZOMDir. This way it is possible to monitor (and eventually undo) the modifications at the website.

    At a regular base I take a look at the page with removed links and sometimes I recover links. Often this is the case with automatically removed links. This is because at a regular base there is an automatic linkcheck process working. Sometimes this process removes to much links.

    When you use Firefox to view the RSS feed you get a nice overview of the modifications. See this example:


    Note that these RSS feeds, and the page with removed links are blocked by robots.txt

  8. aymen3571 New Member


    I checked your directory site its good

  9. aymen3571 New Member


    Removed links are still there?


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