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Your Personal Opinions

Discussion in 'Directory Reviews' started by glen, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. glen New Member


    So what are your choice/favorite directories? How and what do you use them for? Share your experiences!
    Opinions, advice, and debate are all good. Let's hear helpful things!
    All views and advice are appreciated!

  2. toradrake Member


    I tend to just go to DMOZ because it is one I am familiar with. I have used other directories, but I always default back to it for some reason. I haven't found a directory that I have had any particular problems with, but then again I don't use that many very often.

  3. Brox New Member


    There are many good web directories, but I would single out Viesearch as one of the better. It has a very large community with 673,631 active sites arranged in 807 categories.

    It is very popular with almost two million unique monthly visitors. I still have not used it, but I am planning to submit one website as a test, so I hope that will increase my traffic.

    As I heard, it is totally free for submisson, so this is a nice advantage in comparasion with some other directory.

    Viesearch can be very helpful for someone who is looking for a good web directory.

  4. Converse Active Member


    Viesearch is in my top ten, and they do include a free submission option. With the free option, however, listings are shown in Viesearch results only. For $25 per year, a listing is displayed within the category pages, search results, and a details page. They also periodically announce featured listings on their Twitter feed. They also have a reciprocal link option but, unless I intended to add a link to a directory anyhow, as is often the case with my directory of directories site, I am not fond of reciprocal links, since too many of them will appear to be link trades, which do not give you the full value of a back link.

    AMRAY, on the other hand, did even better in my reviews, and they also accept free submissions and, unless something has changed since August, premium listings can be had for $29 a year or a one-time payment of $39, which is what I would recommend since, for only $10 more, you don't have to keep making payments every year. AMRAY has also been around since 2000, making it one of the older directories on the Internet.

    I have sites listed in both directories so I am not, by any means, discouraging you from submitting to Viesearch.

  5. Brox New Member


    Yes, I read your review about Viesearch, and I really appreciate your opinion in this matter. I know you are a great connoisseur of this area, and that you have reviewed more than seventy five web directories from Januar 2013. I agree with you about Viesearch. You wrote an excellent review. Very well and extensively explained to the little details. But I have a much worse opinion about AMRAY. It looks very bad, totally unprofessional, and it is very hard for navigation. When I type AMRAY in Google, I get some company for radiation protection in the first place, and AMRAY directory is maybe on the sixth or seventh place. I realized that was not done proper optimization for keywords, which is not surprising if we look at its design. So I ask myself what is happening with this web directory? I hope that someone will do something about it. If it stays like this, I would not recommend anyone to use AMRAY.

  6. toradrake Member


    That is so odd, I did the search and got AMRAY in first place in Google. Maybe you did a mistype?

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  7. Converse Active Member


    I see the AMRAY directory in first and fourth place, and AMRAY hosting services in eighth and ninth place, on the first page of Google's results, in a search of AMRAY, which gives them four results on the first page.

  8. Brox New Member


    No, I tried again, and now it is in third place. Frist is amray.eu, second is amrayradiationprotection.com, and in thrid place is web directory amray.com.

    Last edited: Nov 12, 2014
  9. Converse Active Member


    That may be a matter of Google's personalization, which tries to guess what you're looking for. Either way, anyone looking for the AMRAY directory is not going to be interested in radiation protection, so they'll find the directory there on the first page.

    If you turn personalization off, or go to Startpage, which gives Google results without the personalization, I think you'll find it as the first result.

  10. Brox New Member


    I realized that I got this result because I am from Europe. Geographic location has an effect, so I get companies from the European Union in a better position.

  11. Converse Active Member


    That makes sense.

  12. CallieJo New Member


    My favorite directory has always been HotScripts.com. They have an extensive list of scripts that appeal to webmasters.

    It use to be a lot more popular when webmasters were building more websites on something other than Wordpress. And when developers were building scripts for websites instead of addons for Wordpress.

    There are many developers who update their listings still. But, there are a lot of dead links as well.

    I look for scripts to use on my websites. Examples of scripts you'll find: CMS, Classifieds, Directories, Photo Galleries, Newsletters, etc.

  13. Sunflower_Michele54 New Member


    I like the DMOZ website directory. I really like how they have categories that include various topics that you can read about. They are very informative. My favorite category that I researched was 'Kids and Teens.' I looked into the 'School Time' section and came across future planning and careers. I looked up the section that talked about jobs for fifteen years olds. I thought this was very cool because I started working when I was fifteen. The website I looked at was Myfirstpaycheck.com. It talked about how teens can build work experience, make money online, and become a model. I think it's important for teens to start working because it teaches them the value of a dollar.

  14. Converse Active Member


    Yeah, I used to use that a lot. Then came the WYSIWYG editors, like NetObjects Fusion (PC), Sandvox and Rapidweaver (Mac), and WordPress being used for sites other than blogs.

    I was an early meta editor for DMOZ, and was an active editor there for more than a decade. DMOZ is very comprehensive, but it suffers from the fact that it is so large that they don't have enough active editors to keep it current.


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