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Yahoo! Answers For Traffic

Discussion in 'Social Networking' started by athena02, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. athena02 New Member


    This is another tool that I started using recently. Yahoo! Answers doesn't necessarily give you a burst of traffic, but it does give a steady visit counts over a long term. Even more so if you manage to get a few "Best Answers". Of course, that's assuming that you add you link in such a way that your answers don't get deleted.

  2. Billy New Member


    Yahoo Answers used to be a gold mine back a few years ago, but nowadays it's so saturated. If you can get the question/answer to rank in Google, then it will get you a lot more traffic.

  3. logitech74 New Member


    Yeah, that's a great traffic source mainly because it has really high authority and the question and the answer ranks easily. :D I love to use it from time to time to point a lot of users to my website where I have some affiliate links. You can do wonders if you have more accounts. ;)

  4. calebmelvern New Member


    I'd like to add that you can use Yahoo Answers and other Q&A sites to get ideas for content creation. Just look for questions that people are asking in your niche and create articles that answer those questions. This method has worked really well for me, but recently, I have noticed that the traffic I get from Yahoo Answers have greatly diminished. Not sure if they were hit in the SERP or something.

  5. Claraviolet New Member


    I didn't know this awesome piece of information! I have never really used yahoo answers for anything. In fact,I don't even have a yahoo account to being with.

    I am going to use this information now.Thanks for sharing this :)

  6. Billy New Member


    You may want to take a look at some of the others sites too. Yahoo Answers is pretty saturated, but there are plenty of others out there that are becoming more and more popular. I think Quora is the best Q&A site as of now, but you'll need more effort than you would with Yahoo. I think they are a little less lenient over there too.

  7. midnightblur New Member


    I think Yahoo! Answer is not a good traffic source. Quora is much better. But you still can use Yahoo! Answer to increase your brand visible. I still find related question on Yahoo! Answer, then answer them or write a blog post to answer and link to it.

  8. SadieMarie New Member


    Hmm I never knew that. I guess I will have to give it a try. Normally Yahoo answers have a lot of rude and sarcastic answers and to me doesn't seem very helpful at least as far as asking questions goes. I would love to try it and see how it works though. Worth a shot.

  9. Bee New Member


    What a great idea! Yahoo answers is an awesome tool to use in order to gain more traffic to your websites. I will also give it a shot and see if I can gain more traffic this way. Seems legit and pretty convenient since I already use yahoo answers for some of my solutions anyway.

  10. Scorp Member


    Yahoo Answers get A Lot of quality traffic, and it can be a very valuable tool for driving traffic.

    However, there are problems with it. If you're there with the purpose of driving traffic, it's very likely most of your answers will get reported and deleted. They are terrible with spotting and deleting spam. And by terrible I mean highly effective at catching it and dealing with it.

    There was a slick method for Yahoo Answers I read once.

    1. You get 2 Yahoo Answers Accounts.
    2. Make sure they're both Level 2 accounts.
    3. Use one of the accounts to ask some question.
    4. Use your second account to answer the question.
    5. Use the first account to mark your own answer as the Best Answer.

    If you can pull it off without the whole thing getting deleted, or the response getting deleted, you've Hit Gold.

    Some tips for this, don't respond to your own question straight away. Wait a while for other people to respond first, and then a coupe of hours or days later post your reply. Also, make sure to post other questions with both accounts and also post other replies that are legit posts, no promotion or tricks.

    It's hard to pull it off nowadays from what I've read, but if you can, I believe it can be an awesome way to build good backlinks, get great traffic, and to have your link stay there for years sending you traffic

  11. Billy New Member


    It may be because of sites like Quora taking over the question/answer market.

  12. xTinx New Member


    Yahoo! Answers does provide a good avenue for creating direct links to your website. You have to be careful with your answers, though, so they don't sound spammy or as if you're trying to market some product or service. It's best to be subtle but you'd need a really tactful person to answer the questions.

  13. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    I have a place that I write for and I never thought of using that before to get traffic to what I'm writing. It would make sense because so many people use Yahoo! to look something up. The only question that I would have for that is how to write a post that will attract people. You would have to write something that other people would be looking for. That would be the only problem I would see coming from there.


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