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Will directories still be used in 2015, 2016 and onwards?

Discussion in 'Directory Reviews' started by boyuancy, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. boyuancy New Member


    As I said in my intro, I'm about to start a directory of my own and this is one of the biggest fears that haunts me.

    I'm not sure if directories will still be used as much in the coming years and if they will still maintain their popularity as in the yesteryears. We all know that anything that enjoys great popularity online eventually comes to a screeching halt sometime.

    So will directories still maintain their popularity/usefulness? More importantly, will companies still be willing to pay to be on them?

  2. Converse Active Member


    As long as they make themselves useful, I think they will. Niche directories will probably remain useful for a long time, and general directories that have been online and active for the past decade should continue to be useful as long as they continue to add content. I don't know if there's a place for any new general directories, that is unless they come in with sufficient resources to compete. Those that will do best will be those that offer something other than outgoing links.

    People can get links from a search engine, so directories need to be able offer something more, whether it be more useful, relevant links, or other content besides the outgoing links.

  3. Rainman New Member


    We're only a few days shy of 2015 and web directories are still being used. Rest assured that nothing will change in the next few days.

    What of . . . the future?

    The simple fact that Web Directories offer what search engines don't will see to it that they stick around for long. They're like catalogs [of websites]. Unlike search engines which will attempt to find you the best, directories list many good sites where you can find the information you are looking for.

    So if you plan on starting a web directory go right ahead. If any directories are to 'disappear' because the owners think they [directories] are not relevant anymore then that's even better. The less competition [there is], the better it is for you.

  4. Converse Active Member


    If the directory owner doesn't think his own product is relevant, then it probably isn't. But that doesn't mean that others can't create directories that are relevant. Come up with a way to make your new directory relevant. That can involve a number of things, many of which I'm sure I haven't even thought of. Add only the most useful resources to a category, perhaps. You could review each site rather than simply giving it the non-descriptive sort of description that so many other directories do. You could add useful information about each category topic. Most directory scripts will allow photos, as well, and some directories are making use of that.

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  5. ockham New Member


    Are web directories still used very much? To be honest, I've found that search engines (*cough* Google *cough*) does the job of finding websites easily enough. Perhaps in academic circles where content is necessarily more limited, they might serve a purpose. Or heck, niche directories as someone else mentioned.

  6. Converse Active Member


    15-20% of my traffic comes from web directories, and I'm not just talking about my web directory sites.

  7. MR. HTML New Member

    MR. HTML

    Google would not have banned so many spammy directories if they were not effective. Directories are a good source of traffic and links, as long as only a small portion of your links are from directories and they are good directories.

  8. CallieJo New Member


    If you are going to build a directory, I would build it on a niche topic that you enjoy. This will help keep your passion going and help you through the first hurdles.

    Niche directories can be a good source for finding relevant websites to a specific niche. They always have been.

    If you create a niche directory that offers valuable content on that topic alongside the directory, you probably have a better chance of succeeding. And if you carefully review each website that goes into your directory, you stand a better chance of having a directory that your visitors will find useful. If it's useful, they will not only return but they might share it with other people.

    I would not charge to submit to a new directory. Once the directory becomes well-known, you can probably get away with charging.

    You could sell advertisements and other special features to start some revenue. Or you could use google adsense as a means to gain a few cents in the beginning.

  9. lordrenly New Member


    In 2015 and 2016, I think it will still be relevant simply because it is still relevant right now and I cannot see how it can lose its relevancy in the next one year. Web directory in general (even without owner specific added features) still provide some advantages over search engine such as accuracy over the whole website (not just towards one keyword like search engine).

    In the end, though. It is your job to make your particular directory relevant and gives your visitors a reason why using your directory is better than using search engine. If you do well with the accuracy of the categorization, for example, it will pave the road for your web directory's success.

  10. Converse Active Member


    If you haven't looked at some of the niche directories that @Ray has, you should do so, for they are a good example of one of the ways in which directories will remain relevant into the future, and surely there are different ways in which this can be accomplished as well.

  11. toradrake Member


    I've seen one of @Ray's directories and it is really nice.

    Directories will always have a place. They may change and people may not readily use them because of the convenience of Search Engines, but they will always hold strong. They provide a great place for backlinks and that is their saving grace. I've heard (though I do not know for fact) there are even search engines who rely on directories still for their inclusion and placement of sites.

  12. xTinx New Member


    This is just my two cents so I leave my opinion up to you. I personally think that directories would continue to be relevant if they offer other services besides listings and submissions. If consumers feel like they could get other services too, then they might continue to use your directories for as long as possible.

  13. toradrake Member


    What kind of services do you think they should offer @xTinx?

  14. xTinx New Member


    A good directory should be more than just a database of names of users, companies, groups and whatnot. There is no general rule but directories could offer the following services (again, the following are just my two cents and everyone can be as creative as they want):
    • Built-in app/ add-on program (e.g. browser, games, online community)
    • Easy access (can be accessed or share data through various social media or email interface)

  15. toradrake Member


    What about a hosting service that gives you automatic inclusion (upon site approval first of course)? That would be an interesting service for a directory to offer.

  16. Converse Active Member


    I don't know of anyone doing that. Years ago, it was common for ISPs to have directories of sites owned by people using their ISP services.

  17. toradrake Member


    Yeah, AOL and Yahoo had that. If you built a site using their builders or hosting with them, you were added to their directory. I had a site with Yahoo back then. Would be great to have that back again. Great back link opportunity for sites.

  18. Converse Active Member


    Verizon used to do that and with your site one level away from the top level of Verizon's top domain, it was a valuable page on which to add links to your other pages, under Google's algorithm at that time.

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  19. toradrake Member


    I forgot about Verizon. I think I had a friend who had a site with them when they were doing that. I think I will look around and see if anyone is still doing that....

  20. reddyash New Member


    Directories will always survive. Many say directories are dying but I do not think so. Directories do provide traffic and builds quality links to your website.


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