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Why Links Are Important

Discussion in 'Website Marketing' started by Rainman, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. Rainman New Member


    Are backlinks good only for SEO? Many webmasters think of building backlinks solely as prerequisite for getting good rankings on search engines. They are like the backbone of SEO. Sure they are but they are more than just . . . that.

    A backlink merely is a link to your site from another place on the web. But don't let "mere" fool you. It's like having an agent out there telling anyone who sees your link of the existence of your site. Curious netizens will click on that link and land on your site. Isn't that what we all want . . . traffic? Does it matter where it comes from?

    To ensure that more people get to know about your site then you must work hard to get more backlinks from all the right places where they can siphon some traffic your way. Don't let search engines dictate to your how you market your website. Build links, get traffic from those website and search engines will follow soon after because quite obviously no one would leave your link on their site if they know that content posted on it isn't useful.

  2. Converse Active Member


    The best back-links are those from sites whose topics relate to the topic of your own site. I have sites on an eclectic assortment of topics, so if I were to add a link to a site that is about a North Dakota community to my site whose topic is reactive attachment disorder, not only would there be a low likelihood that any of the readers of my RAD site would be interested in that particular North Dakota community, but Google would spot it as an artificial attempt to garner a back-link.

    Google is far from perfect, in either intention or results, but a link that is likely to be of interest to the people who will come across it on a site is also the sort of link that is the most valuable to you as far as your placement in the SERPs goes, and the least likely to be harmful.

    When I link from one of my North Dakota sites to another of my North Dakota sites, my readers are likely to click on these links and Google is unlikely to penalize me for my link-building efforts because it makes sense to link from a site that concentrates on the history of one small North Dakota community to a site whose focus is on the history of another small North Dakota community.

    Other than as an attempt to manipulate the search engines, it wouldn't make sense for me to link from one of my North Dakota sites to this forum. Not only are the readers of my North Dakota sites unlikely to be interested in a web directory forum, but Google might consider that to be manipulative, as it would be.

    When it makes sense to do so, it's not dangerous to link from one of your sites to another.

    Similarly, when you are submitting your site to a web directory, you are going to get the biggest bang for your buck if you submit your site to the most appropriate topic. For example, I have a site about Roseglen, North Dakota. Most of the site is devoted to the history of the city, one that I have never visited, by the way (in fact, I've never been to North Dakota).

    If I am going to submit that site to a web directory, I might notice that the directory has a category for History & Genealogy > History. But the directory also has a category for Local & Global > North America > United States > States > North Dakota > Cities & Towns > Roseglen.

    Some webmasters would be tempted to submit that site to History & Genealogy > History because it's only two levels deep, and may have PageRank, while the Roseglen category is seven levels deep and not as likely to have PageRank. Some directory owners might accept the site if it is submitted to the History category -- after all, it's about history -- but more importantly, it's about the history of Roseglen, and that would be the most appropriate category for it.

    Someone who is interested in the history of Roseglen is unlikely to be browsing the larger History category, because Roseglen has a population of just over fifty people, so they wouldn't expect to find it there. But they would look for Roseglen, and they'd find my site there, right where it is supposed to be. Google prefers links that are in appropriate places, too.

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  3. Billy New Member


    In the beginning backlinks were people basically recommending a site. If they liked something, they'd say "check this out too:www.bbb.com", it was just a referrer.

  4. xTinx New Member


    I guess that's why the experts are trying to simplify everything for everyone's understanding. Before, it's all about Off-Page SEO or the things you do outside of your website, now there's such a thing as On-Page SEO or basically all SEO activities within your website. Both are equally important, but - said one expert - if you're forced to choose between the two, then Off-Page should take precedence but just by a tiny margin.

  5. Christ Bonn New Member

    Christ Bonn

    Links are best resource for getting higher positions on Search engine. I thinks that it is the back bone of any website. If you don't have links that you could also thinks that what kind of the website looks that. So that's why links are must important for any website basically.

  6. blur92 New Member


    Right, it would make no sense to have a link that leads to an irrelevant site. Not only will the user be uninterested, but also sets the impression the site is unprofessional, disorganized, and the like. At least I would have gain that impression.

  7. Converse Active Member


    Yet that sort of linking used to be effective. I still doubt that a site's placement would be harmed by it but irrelevant links are not going to be nearly as effective as relevant ones, so it's best to stay away from that sort of linking strategy.

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  8. blur92 New Member


    I don't exactly understand how it would be effective. Personally, my impression of a site is negatively impacted when I see a number of links that lead to irrelevant sites. That's my opinion, though. Also, I'm not the most experienced individual when it comes to this topic.

  9. Scorp Member


    Backlins are important for SEO, helping you rank on the various search engines, and also for getting Traffic.

    Of course, your backlinks should come from sites that are relevant your website.

    But I think that a lot of people disregard the Traffic aspect of backlinking. Meaning, the Direct Traffic that each backlink may bring to your site. They just think of the backlink as something that will help you so that you get more traffic from the search engines. That's wrong.

    Honestly, if I were experienced and had the tools to be able to build 1000s of backlinks daily, I'd totally... Totally create a website, completely forget about Google, and concentrate Only on Social Media, and MASSIVE Backlinking.

    That's something I would love to test to tell you the truth...

    Imagine if every 1000 backlinks can bring you 50 visitors per day, and you can build 1000 backlinks per day. That's a lot of traffic! And the more you work at it the bigger it gets.

    And if you don't care about the search engines, then you're not restricted by the SEO best practices, and you can blast backlinks until you literally share a link to your site on every internet page hahaha :D

    I gotta remember to test something like this out some day if I manage to become a backlinking guru :p

    I mean, admit it, wouldn't it be wonderful if you could completely forget about Search Engines. If you chose that for 1 website you don't care about SEO, at all, zero. It would surely make life easier.

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  10. peopletrendin New Member


    Yes links are important,Backlinks also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links, are incoming links to a website or web page. In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, website) from another web node.


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