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Why Did You Make A Forum

Discussion in 'Forums' started by danielle davidson, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    What was the main reason that you wanted to make a forum? I use them all the time and I have always wondered why people would want to make them? I know that for me, I spend a lot of time of forums everyday. I like posting on them so that I can talk with people who also have the same interests that I do. Which is one reason why I want to be able to make my own forum. So, why did you want to make a forum?

  2. Jason76 Member


    Some people like the interaction that a forum gives. Of course, you can get interaction on a blog too, but forum interaction is unique. Also some people like the unique look of a forum as compared to a blog. However, forums can be quite expensive. While premium blog software isn't popular, premium forum sofware is popular. Blogs are only expensive when you buy certain themes or plugins.

  3. maverick New Member


    The main reason I created a forum long time ago was because I wanted to have a place where all my user that used my service can exchange ideas and give me also feedback of the service I was providing. Last but not least there was a support area where the users could post there their problems instead of hacking a ticket system running.

  4. DirectorsMill New Member


    I go to forums to gain advise. Most of the time, technical troubleshooting. Health issues that I need immidiate answers to. Or, I like to know what people think about issues I'm interested in and are important to me.

    I don't get good discussions in FB as much.

  5. DirectorsMill New Member


    How and where do you get a forum software. I'm technically specially gifted :). If I get one, I'm not sure if I'd be able to understand how it works. Do I have to enroll first in Web Designing/Development? I've been looking into that, though.

  6. Jason76 Member


    You don't really need to enroll in a web design class or web development class. You can gain experience by playing around with the software. You might want to start out with free software. If you have cPanel, then several brands are available. They self extract to your server, so you don't have to worry about directory location. Nonetheless, paid software, which some find better, must be downloaded and extracted by hand.

    Note if, you only want to play around with the free software, then simply extract the files to a folder, not the main domain. There may be ways to block it off to SEO, so it doesn't hurt your domain's SEO, considering it's a learning project.

  7. David S New Member

    David S

    I made a forum because I thought, I would enjoy doing it did, even though it was unsuccessful. I learnt a lot from it.

  8. vanishree2993 Member


    I made a forum because to disscuss our thoughts with others. and I learned lot of information from it.

  9. fastreplies Original Member



    How about to communicate with people who are sharing common interest?



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