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Which THREE of the following directories would you most like to have your site listed in?

Discussion in 'Directory Reviews' started by WDFAdmin, Jan 17, 2015.


Which THREE of the following directories would you most like to have your site listed in?

  1. Aviva Directory

  2. AMRAY

  3. Best of the Web

  4. Directory Journal

  5. Directory Library

  6. DMOZ

  7. Gimpsy

  8. GoGuides

  9. Jasmine Directory

  10. Skaffe

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  1. WDFAdmin Administrator


    Staff Member

    Now that a few of the directories in our top ten have changed, I'd like to ask this question again, although I decided to allow three directories to be chosen this time. The links to these directories can be found in the forum footer. It's not required, but it would be nice if you'd give your reasons for choosing the particular three that you have chosen, as well. By the way, there are no right answers.

  2. blur92 New Member


    I like how Gimpsy creates some originality for itself by categorizing with verbs. Still, the layout does not appeal to me so as a random web user I wouldn't browse on it for too long. I think the hamster is a little random, and their banner should be more relevant. The banner for GoGuides leaves me with mixed feelings. There is something that I really like about it, but I'm not sure what it is. The text choice and design of buttons is simple yet crisp. Listing subcategories under each main link is good. That's seen on most of the directories, however, I prefer hovering over text for an expanded list. Directory Library looks professional for the most part. The only issue I have with it is that the logo in the top left corner runs into the navigation bar. I described the rest in the related thread, and I still choose Directory Journal and DMOZ for the same reasons stated there. The one I'm adding to the list is Jasmine. The color choice is good yet different. I like the texture on the banner. The text is sophisticated. It is also easy to navigate through thoroughly.

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