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Which social network do you have the most success with?

Discussion in 'Social Networking' started by greatnate, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. greatnate New Member


    When it comes to sharing and gaining traffic, I have the most luck with facebook (I have a pretty large network of colleagues and school mates) and twitter (lots of professional contacts). I will admit that I probably do not use any other network to its full potential. What do you have the most luck with? Any tips? I need to expand my social media efforts.

  2. Shan Barton New Member

    Shan Barton

    I would say facebook has been my best option over the years when it comes to creating bigger networks, promoting services and reaching out to potential customers and clients. Twitter on the other hand is very effective when it comes to getting and maintaining professional contacts. I would say that a combination of the main network sites is best if you want to gain much in terms of traffic.

  3. particle1 New Member


    It depends on the target market, but I see decent traffic from just random Twitter posts. I have a Facebook page that is very micro-niche and has 100 comment long discussions but I can't find a way to convert it into any money at this point.

  4. Survivor29 New Member


    I'd have to agree with particle1. It really depends on the target market. For some markets, Facebook is better than any other social network, while for others, Twitter is much more suitable. If you could give some more details about that market that you're trying to reach, then I'd be better able to give you some tips on which network you should go with.

  5. Converse Active Member


    What I have done in the forum (the old forum, before I restarted it) is that I have tried out different campaigns to bring visitors to the forum. On Facebook, some of my friends would "like" my posts about the forum but they never signed up for an account, and most of them never actually clicked the link. This was true whether I used the business page, the personal page, or both of the Facebook pages.

    The old forum would display statistics, such as the most users online at the same time, and every time that I broke that record, it was through a Twitter campaign. I would prepare several Twitter posts ahead of time, some pointing to the forum's main page, others to specific forum threads, and I could bring over a hundred people here in five minutes of tweeting. Most of them would stay for a few second only, but most Twitter campaigns resulted in at least on signup. Worthwhile, but still a lot of effort for little return.

    I get a few visits through StumbleUpon, but they never look beyond the first page. I still find that the old-school efforts toward placing well in the search engines far outweigh anything in the social media, and that visitors coming from web directories are the most targeted, and subsequently the most likely to look beyond the first page, to signup, and to become part of the forum. The same is true of my other sites, whether they are about directory reviews or the histories of small North Dakota towns. Twitter brings immediate results but few of them convert.

  6. NathanG New Member


    Like what particle1 said, it definitely depends on who you are targeting. But in my personal experience, I have had the most success with Facebook. Twitter doesn't really let you elaborate enough due to their character limit, although a short message could very well appeal to some audiences (teens, younger people).

    But really, I don't get very much traffic at all through social networks. Unfortunately, people don't go on Twitter or Facebook looking for blogs to read or forums to join in on.

  7. LuckyGirl08 New Member


    I have had most of my success with FaceBook. Using Facebook give you the option to create your own fan page or group and promote it for a small fee. With this, it increases your traffic to your Facebook page/group and those people bring more visitors. It is also important that when using Facebook, you need to keep your post updated writhing the page/group.

  8. Billy New Member


    For me, it's YouTube, but I haven't gotten into the others as much as I have with YouTube. I guess if you're comfortable with a site, you'll be able to get the most out out it and be more effective.

  9. toradrake Member


    What about Linked in? Has anyone had any success with that or found it to be promising? I have an account with them, but have not really had a chance to really observe it. I received a notice once a very long time ago from a friend that they were on it and to keep in connection with them I signed up but never really did much with it since.

  10. Converse Active Member


    Every now and then I am reminded that I have a Linked-In account when I get an email about someone I vaguely remember wanting to join my Linked-In network. Oh, it may have value but it's not something I have made use of.

  11. calebmelvern New Member


    This is one area where I don't have a lot of experience with. I'm not a social media guy, so I have always neglected the potential of SMM. So far Pinterest has worked for me. I wouldn't call it a success, though, because the traffic I get from Pinterest doesn't convert. I have done next to nothing aside from pinning all the images from my websites and trying to increase my followers each day. It feels like a grind, though, as I don't really like any social media platforms. Lol.

  12. queenbee New Member


    Facebook/instagram/youtube are my go-to networks. Facebook is hailed as the best, especially for starting out, as it's fairly easy to get word out quickly. Instagram and twitter are okay once you've established a following, but this takes time, and there's usually a steep curve you have to get over, which means hard work and networking. I've been thinking lately that google+ might also be a good forum - there are lots of communities, on pretty much anything.

  13. starlight22 New Member


    I have the most success with Facebook and I have posted a lot on there. I'm also on Myspace but don't go on that site as much as I did before and I did join a few others. I have been thinking about signing up on a social networking site that is just business only for my work at home jobs. If I find one like that I'll probably become a member after learning more about it. Right now at this moment I have the most luck on Facebook which I use for business and personal reasons.

  14. Lorib33 New Member


    Facebook has been made me more money for products that I need to promote than any other site. Not to mention there is not advertising fee!

  15. xTinx New Member


    I can't say for sure. I use a combination of various social networking sites to promote our business products. To say Facebook has done more wonders than Twitter would seem like an overstatement because they're both important sources of traffic to our website and subsequent pages. I also use other social bookmarking sites and they've all been helpful so far, adding more external links and helping our site and pages rank in search results. We do have more followers in our Twitter account so the views and interactions tend to be higher. We have few Facebook likes but some of our posts hit the jackpot at times and receive more than 200 views. Same goes for Pinterest.

  16. Billy New Member


    I've often wondered how people market on LinkedIn as well. I met a guy who uses it last week, he advertises his web creation services, so I guess he tried to get clients in that way. It really depends on your niche, I guess.

  17. Wulfman New Member


    If anybody has some genuine links to how to make money advertising on Facebook I would be much obliged. Is it simply getting increasing your net work and posting stuff on your home page ? I assume there is much more to it than that as I have watched YouTube videos about it but could not really follow them properly.

  18. Billy New Member


    From what I've read, most of the time the idea is to build up a fan page and get fans or friends. Then you can keep in contact with them and communicate with them whenever you want to.

  19. Shamzblueworld New Member


    I use twitter the most for generating the traffic, I have about 8K followers, so it works alright, I only sometimes share my content on facebook because I use fb for personal purposes only, I also use g+ which I find to be effective as well, though I do not use social media to promote my websites that much but I've experienced that it work wonders, only if you are active enough on it.

  20. Billy New Member


    Just out of curiosity (I don't use Twitter, even for personal use), do you just tweet a new article when you've written one, or do you tweet reviews of products? How do you promote with Twitter?


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