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What Would You Expect From A Moderator?

Discussion in 'Forums' started by maverick, Jun 20, 2015.

  1. maverick New Member


    Hi guys, what would you expect from a moderator to do apart from the classical moderation facts like closing threads or things like that? Do you think he/she should somehow improve the content of the forum organising some type of "events" or do you think its role is just fine like that? In my opinon, a moderator, should try to involve more socially the users of the fourm and try to let them socialize a bit more organising for example special threads or meet-up on a chat. What's your opinion?

  2. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    I think that the biggest thing that I look for is that they are also commenting on the forums. I don't like seeing that they aren't also contributing to what is being said. I feel like if you are able to run a forum, then you should interact with the people in the forum. I know that many people would love being able to talk to him. Especially since we all have something in common, which is what that forum is about. I know that some of my favorite forums that I am on, I talk with the moderator.

  3. Jason76 Member


    The moderator job shouldn't be allowed to go beyond basic chores, unless he has been pre-approved by the owner. If your hiring a total stranger, then you wouldn't want him/her changing the forum too much. In an extreme case, an unapproved moderator might erase good threads, or something similar to that action.

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  4. DirtRider New Member


    Appointing moderators is possibly one of the more important steps when creating a forum. Get the wrong moderators and it can brake your forum on the other hand if you get the right people it can take your forum to the next level.

    Unfortunately on my oldest forum I really seem to have not made the best choices with moderators and how I have them structured. I have them all setup as global moderators with different levels of permission as to who I feel can do what. This really seemed like a good idea at the time but has not really worked out that great. I am finding none of them really feel that they have any specific job and the all mostly just do nothing in the actual moderating of the forum.

    Since I learned my lesson about this now on my newer forum I will be appointing actual forum moderators with very defined functions that they will need to follow otherwise they will be dropped. So far I still have had no takers for any of the positions available.

    Some of the defined duties are as follows
    • As specified in the application, we expect you to commit to posting 3-4 days a week.
    • Starting new topics in your forum is strongly encouraged when possible.
    • Please only pin topics with original ideas, unless the topic is popular.
    • Use the rules as your guide. They clearly outline the rights you have as a moderator. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any co-owner.
    • If a post or thread violates any rules, please feel free to delete or move it. You are given permission to do so. It is okay to take action using your best judgement without contacting a co-owner. This is why an appeals process is in place.
    • Please contact the member when you delete or alter their post. Some members do get mad if an explanation is not given.
    • Please contact the creator of a thread if you decide to move it.
    • Please do not move threads started by a co-owner. If you think something should be moved, please contact any co-owner first. This is especially important if they are threads pertaining to forum business.
    • All deleted posts and topics automatically go to the Trash Can and can be undeleted in the event that a decision is overturned, so no need to worry.
    • You have the ability to issue account warnings. Please only do so in accordance with the forum rules.
    • If you issue any verbal warnings or account warnings, please post a thread in the staff forum so all staff members can follow the warning process appropriately.

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  5. chinomoreno New Member


    What I mostly look for in a moderator is to actively ban spammers.
    Especially those that are obviously increasing post count in the forum, saying things like "thank you for providing information" or something like "what is the definition of this and that.. blah.. blah.. blah.."
    I haven't been a moderator but I feel like it is a tedious job to do.
    And just to add up, I look for an approachable moderator. Someone that can handle things politely, whether it is help or issues.

  6. cwvps New Member


    Yes, controlling spam is definitely an aspect of moderator's role on the forum, but I believe they should also contribute by creating something, starting threads and helping members, expressing their opinions just like everybody else. The need for quality content is everlasting and the more moderators contribute their forum, the better forum will be.


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