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What Makes a Bad Web Directory?

Discussion in 'Directory Submissions' started by Converse, Dec 21, 2014.

  1. Converse Active Member


    I don't know this guy, but this is a good video tutorial that points to some web directories that you should never submit your site to.

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  2. Ray Active Member


    There's really nothing new here, but it does bring up an interesting question.

    Now, I know that Google AdSense is a business, and their main concern is to make money but, at the same time, Google pretends to be the "protectors of the Internet", banning "bad websites" that do not appear to follow their guidelines. So, my question is:

    Why are they serving AdSense ads to sites like these? And, why are they even allowing these operators to have an AdSense account to begin with?
    I think that, if they were to use a little common sense, and screen these "businesses" a little better, all these sites, like the ones in the video, would disappear from the Web.

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  3. Converse Active Member


    Good points, both. Google often seems to look the other way where Google is concerned.

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  4. Scorp Member


    Honestly, as far as Adsense goes, why not allow such sites to run ads?

    I mean, they can let them run ads, and then simply ban them before paying them, and have a legitimate reason for doing so.

    We all know that it's hard to get an Adsense account, and it's also hard to keep it, even if you do follow the rules.

    I mean, they are a business in it to make money, and money comes first, as we all know. All that "protector of the internet" type stuff is nice, political correctness, sounds good to people. But money takes precedence...

    Now, I don't know if this is true, but there was a story that - supposedly - a former Google employee said that's just shocking.

    Here, I found a link to it: http://techcrunch.com/2014/04/29/adsense-whistleblower/

    The above is just sort of a review of what the employee said (Again, Supposedly). Here's a direct link to his supposed statement: http://pastebin.com/qh6Tta3h

    I'm not saying this is true, but it wouldn't surprise me one bit.

  5. toradrake Member


    Really good video. I actually came across it on youtube yesterday and watched it. I wasn't sure how relevant it was, so I did not post it. I'm glad you did.

    You both made good points and I agree. Google is so big that all they think about now is money. They used to be a great search engine, now they lost their fire. They have become so involved with creating more advanced tech to make more money rather than concentrating on keeping their stuff maintained properly.

  6. Mockingbird New Member


    I have a hard time putting the term good web directory or bad web directory on any directory. Good is only about how the user experiences a web directory, it=f it has exactly what they want or are looking for then they may conclude it is a good web directory, a source worth a book mark and vice versa. I find it funny that Google believes it can make that decision for all of us. It stands to reason Google could think any web directory is bad, simply because it is a directory and therefore it has quite a few of the same things in it. Sort of like a jar of marbles, but in this case all related web pages. Does that in itself make something a bad web directory?

  7. Converse Active Member


    I don't feel like looking for them now, but there was a web directory that Google had assigned a PageRank of 7 to, which consisted of an out-of-the-box web directory script and one listed site, which probably came with the script as an example. The still had the default "My Directory" text logo, yet it retained PageRank of 7 through several Google updates, back when they were still doing that, and the last I looked, it still had a PageRank of 7. Someone had bought an expired domain that had rank, yet Google never caught it after several updates spanning two years.

    It seems that when Google wants to make a point, they pick out a few representative scapegoats to penalize, make a big deal about it, and then let the self-appointed SEO gurus carry the ball from there.

    I have no problem adding the term "good web directory" to some sites, while assigning others as "bad web directories," because there are so many of the latter, and so many of them are so drastically bad that it can hardly be missed.

  8. Jill Original Member



    What aggravates me are the number of people who believe that the types of directories that are highlighted in this video are representative of the industry.

  9. Ray Active Member


    Its the nature of the beast, the mob-mentality, it happens in all industries and sectors of society; religion, politics, or any other. People can't resist the urge to generalize just about anything, including web directories.


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