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What is your main source of online income?

Discussion in 'Monetizing' started by calebmelvern, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. calebmelvern New Member


    I have quite a few websites and I earn via Adsense and affiliate commissions. I've been looking into entering different ad networks, but I still have to increase my traffic to get accepted.

    How do you guys monetize your blog?

  2. jaray87 New Member


    I currently have adsense on my website but have not made a single cent. I am trying to rank my site to the top of google for a couple of keywords. I would expect that once I reach the top, there would be a lot of adsense revenues coming in.

    In terms of other ways, I have read that selling products related to your website is best. One thing you could do is to google "your niche" + "affiliate marketing", that way you can see what products or services you can promote. If you keep reading the other blogs/webpages, you'll realize that there are thousands of products to promote and make affiliate marketing money with.

    I am waiting for my website to rank higher first before putting in affiliate links. May be a rookie mistake but I want to analyze fully what content works and does not before committing to a product.

  3. athena02 New Member


    Not exactly related to blogging, but my main source of income is translation jobs. I am a freelance translator fluent in both French and English and got myself a few regular clients throughout the last couple of years. I also get a few random job proposals now and then which are always welcome.

    Other than that I also work as a writer, transcriber and even do voice-overs on rare occasions.

  4. Shan Barton New Member

    Shan Barton

    My main source of income comes through providing unique web content for website owners. I also have a blog that earns me some money through adsense but not much. I have also tried other options but they are not that effective as adsense. I tried chitika some time ago but got no tangible results from it. I think that with the right marketing strategies and increased traffic, adsense can earn you some good money.

  5. Converse Active Member


    My main source of income comes from editing for web directories, although I also build websites and do some SEO work. My wife and I do content provision as well, and have had to learn about a number of different topics in order to be able to provide content for client's sites. We're currently providing blog content for an insurance company, and that was a bit of a challenge. In the past, I've done forum seeding for a start-up football forum, although I had never watched more than about fifteen minutes of a football game before turning the channel, so that took a bit of research too. I have done content writing on political topics where I had to take political positions that were in sharp opposition to those that I actually hold, and that was kind of fun. Another thing that I do is build websites on niche topics, ones that have zero to very little competition when it comes to search terms. I enjoy putting the sites together, and they require very little in promotion. One of them reached number two in Google, right behind the Wikipedia page on the same topic, while I was still building the site and hadn't submitted it anywhere.

  6. NathanG New Member


    My main source of online income would have to be developing websites for people and companies. Although I am not that well known, and don't get that many jobs, it is a good source for a nice amount of side money. I have looked into web developing full time but I have found that the costs don't outweigh the benefits as if you don't find a client, then you won't make any money.

    I also like do some other small things such as mturk by Amazon, it is a nice little way to earn a little extra side cash as well.

  7. tmgenterprises New Member


    I'm only making side money at the moment but at one time, earned good money in several streams. I did ghostwriting for people, created and sold PLR as well as my own products, and did some affiliate marketing. Due to circumstances I won't get into on a public forum, I lost my business the past couple years. I'm rebuilding now and going in a different direction for the most part.

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  8. Billy New Member


    Right now it's with Clickbank. I have AdSense too, but it's rare to get any clicks, that wasn't the case before, but I had to rebuild my blog because of a penalty and for some reason it just doesn't convert like it used to. Before I was making about $10 a day, mind you it wasn't my main source of income, so $10 a day isn't bad when you aren't relying on it.

  9. Converse Active Member


    I wish you well with it. My wife and I were involved in a local political fight about ten years ago that literally bankrupted us. Since we earned our living online, we didn't think they could touch us but we were wrong. For one thing, we didn't count on people putting water in our oil tank while we were out of state one winter, freezing our water pipes and heating system, but they were also able to reach out and touch us in places we hadn't anticipated. It didn't help that the World Trade Towers came down, taking one of our largest clients with them. Now I try to make sure that I have money coming in from as many places as possible so that the loss of any one of them won't be devastating.

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  10. logitech74 New Member


    That's pretty cool! I did that for a while, but then stopped when I realized I would be making so much more money if I worked for myself. Then I started CPA and PPD which is my main source of income today. I really enjoy doing it as well as I'm my own boss and I keep all the profit :cool:

  11. jdroc New Member


    So what do you use to find those niche sites with little competition. Do you use software or did you start out using software?

  12. NathanG New Member


    I'm really sorry to hear that, and you were very smart for acting the way you did. I really don't know how well I would hold up in that kind of situation!

    (Me personally) I don't really think there is any software for this, I just think you have to know what people want but don't have already. Or go and find a small niche site and see how they are doing, and then start one of your own if you think that it will become popular.

  13. Converse Active Member


    I seed web directories for a living, so I am doing web searches for much of every day. For the most part, I am adding sites to categories that don't have very many listed sites. Often, I find that this is because there aren't very many good sites for that topic. That then becomes a subject for a niche site, if I have the time or inclination to build it. Plus, I know that it's a topic that web directories have need of sites for.

    You could go to any full-featured web directory, and look for the categories that don't have any listings, or which have only a few. Some directories, such as DMOZ, have empty categories because they don't have the staff available to fill them. Others have empty or near-empty categories because there aren't many sites that would be an appropriate fit there.

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  14. calebmelvern New Member


    Great to hear somebody earning from Clickbank. I tried to setup a site for a Clickbank product a couple of years back but it wasn't successful. I have since focused on Amazon and forgot about Clickbank altogether. I guess it's time to look into CB again.

  15. tasha New Member


    I am a writer and that is where I make the most money. I think that working online you need to find what you are interested in a what you are good at to succeed. Online money is not always good and it does sometimes just give you pocket money but if you work on a few projects and find what you like, then it will be easy to earn.

  16. Billy New Member


    I applied to Amazon on a whim, because I had an idea for a project, but they didn't approve me. I guess they want you to have a related website already built? I was planning on doing some YouTube projects, so maybe that's why.

  17. mdaudali New Member


    I sold links and blog posts on other niche forums, and that earned a hefty amount per year. It took little effort on implementing the links and writing posts, so the cash:time ratio was very good. I don't use ad networks, since I just don't like them. However, I think that will change in the near future was they become necessary to support my website.

  18. logitech74 New Member


    That's actually pretty cool! Would you be able to elaborate on this? I mean, were your sites legit? I know some people buy expired domains with PR, buy some traffic to the site and then sell links or ads on their websites. I found a few scammers on Fiverr while I was looking for something. I knew that I could use that method to make money, but I wasn't into that really. I was thinking of creating legit websites, but that would take time and money. How much did you charge?

  19. Converse Active Member


    Where most people go wrong is they buy a domain that has back-links on it, but then change the content and URL structure, forgetting (or ignoring) the fact that much of what has led to the site having any kind of authority was its content. As a consequence, they lose any link advantages that may have gone beyond the first page, and eventually the site starts losing its authority.

    If you're going to do something like that, do it right, and use the Internet Archive (Wayback) to duplicate the page structure, and retain the same subject.

    While I was going through a category on a directory once, I came across a listing for a domain that had been allowed to expire. Checking, I found that the domain had PageRank and several back-links. Just for fun, although it was for an alpaca farm, and I knew next to nothing about alpacas, I registered it, put up some public domain and royalty-free stock photos of alpacas, added some textual content about alpacas, duplicating the pages of the original page as well as the topics of each page, but without duplicating (stealing) the text. Without specifically saying that it represented an alpaca farm, I built it so that readers would assume that this is what it was.

    The site had been listed in several places that listed alpaca farms as well as both county and municipal websites, DMOZ, and several other directories. Today, four years later, it's still listed in these places because it doesn't show up as a dead link and anyone glancing at it would assume that it was an alpaca farm. I'm not raking in hundreds of dollars a week from it, but I put up some Amazon.com affiliate links to alpaca products and books, and have had some sales.

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  20. mdaudali New Member


    It was all legit! I set up my website when I was about 11, just to improve my web designing and programming. I then realised that I can monetise it, so it wasn't my initial focus. I saw other people selling links, so I just did that too. About $60 per year on the homepage, $15-30 on any others. It was a flash game website.

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