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Question What is the best web editing tool, and why?

Discussion in 'Questions & Answers' started by Converse, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. Converse Active Member


    Whether for a Mac, a PC, or something else, which is the best web editing tool, for creating web sites, and why? Again, I am looking for the best argument, which isn't necessarily something that I agree with. Whatever you think is best, make an argument for it. I'll give three weeks for this one, and choose the Best Answer on November 25.

  2. SimplySidy Member


    Best Answer
    I have used the following apps for coding websites -
    1. NetBeans for PHP (on Ubuntu)
    2. Notepad Plus Plus (on Windows XP)
    3. Dreamweaver 5.5 Trial Version (on Windows XP SP-III)
    4. SublimeText (on Ubuntu and Windows XP SP-III)

    Netbeans for PHP was really good when it comes to coding PHP specially working with classes - no extra add ons needed, free to use and has some good features - Documentation (with classes) becomes easy if you follow their rules (like define variables etc) and I think they need you to write code better to make things good for you.
    Demerits - Needs Java (JDK) and installing JDK on Ubuntu during those days was tricky as JDK was purchased by oracle and not supported via the Ubuntu Repositories. On Windows, with a lesser RAM this would case severe issues when Handling large projects.

    Notepad Plus Plus(++) - Lightweight. Had many plugins and if you dont know how to install them it wasnt that efficent. I had used it for a few days (maybe 2 weeks or so). The problem I faced was - I could not get it work with wrong syntax or a missed bracket. The alignment of code (bracketing and indenting) was also a mess.

    Dreamweaver 5.5 - I installed it for a 30 day Trial (unfortunately my system did not support it as I had only 1 GB RAM) so could not get to use all the features. But the Live View was really good. I later saw the DW 6 in action too - and it was good. The only problem is that the Application is too pricey - and I coming from India, cannot afford to pay that much. I have my limitations and expenses to meet on monthly basis (includes my medical expenses too).

    Sublime Text - I am in love with this application. It is really great, though a bit technical - but, then, we are all talking about technical people, right? It is lightweight, well maintained, great plugins (they call them packages) and the best thing is that there are too many of them out there for almost everything - HTML, HTML 5, CSS(2 nd 3 and also RESET CSS), Wordpress, PHP, JQuery, jQuery Mobile and also I found moodle and Angular JS support today. And all this for FREE!!!

    My Verdict -
    Sublime Text - 5/5
    Dreamweaver - 4.5/5
    NetBens for PHP - 4.5/5

    I dont plan to migrate to anything else than Sublime Text now.

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  3. Converse Active Member


    Thank you. That was a good answer. Anyone else care to try?

  4. Converse Active Member


    There wasn't much of a contest here, since no one else even entered the fray, but @SimplySidy wins Best Answer, and it was a good answer. I have NetBeans but I haven't found the time to try to figure it out yet.

  5. Arianna New Member


    I researched it for quite a long time and the one I came up with was Coffeecup (.com). I didn't actually trying it though. I liked it because it looks really simple and the reviews are good. I couldn't find anything negative about it on-line.
    Simply Sidy did give great suggestions. I am not that advanced to have come up with stuff like that. I will have to check those out. I probably will go with Mac programs now though so. ST is compatible.
    SublimeText looks rough.
    NetBeans looks good.


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