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What I Don't Get About Game-invites On Facebook

Discussion in 'Website Evaluation' started by rabst, Dec 12, 2015.

  1. rabst New Member


    You play Facebook-Games long enough, you're bound to have encountered the 'Permission to Send'-popup, where each game-application has to ask for your permission to send 'invitations to play-along' to the friends you choose from your friend-list.

    What I don't understand is ... there's usually a little 'option' (with a checkbox) that says "Don’t ask again before sending requests to (member name) from this app." I don't get why that pops-up over-and-over-again FOR THE SAME FRIEND, ON THE SAME APP!

  2. chinomoreno New Member


    I just hope that facebook will have a setting that blocks all the app/game requests..

  3. fastreplies Original Member



    Did you try to find an answer from FB?



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