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What can be done with these SQL files?

Discussion in 'Web Development' started by Scorp, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. Scorp Member


    I have these 2 SQL files, txt files, and I have no idea how to use them.

    I mean, I don't really have a reason to use them at the moment, but I'd like to learn what are these created for? I mean, somebody obviously will know how to use these, and somebody obviously created them, so there must be a way to use these somehow.

    I have a hosting account with hostgator, and I have access to cron, and SQL, and all those magical things. :p

    Now, here are the SQL files I'm talking about.

    First one is Airport, and second one is Baby Names:


    So on the left on each image you can see the txt file, and on the right a part of the file when I open it.

    Does anyone know how and what can these be used for?

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  2. SimplySidy Member


    As the details are not fully visible on the first screenshot (the airports) I cannot say much but it seems to be a Database Dump about flight information or something like that.

    The second one for use is a database table about the names for babies and contains information about Names that can be given, the meaning of the name, whether to be used for a boy or a girl and also where (ethnic or country) is the name more prevalent.

    Both are MySQL Database files. You can import them into MySQL or maybe use Data Tools of Ms Excel to try importing the data onto a Spreadsheet(though the import tool of MS Access should be a better option).

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  3. Scorp Member


    @SimplySidy Thanks for the answer, but I'm still not quite sure what to do with these.

    Basically, I tried using MS Access to open the databases, I tried using the Open option with it, and I also tried dragging and dropping. None worked.

    Then I used Microsoft Excel to open them, and that actually worked. I just opened a blank Microsoft Excel file and dragged and dropped an SQL database (airports) in it, and it nicely separated everything on its own line as its supposed to be.

    I also went to my Hostgator account and into the "MySQL Databases" section, but the only thing you can do there from what I can see is:

    Create a User
    Create a Database

    That seems to be all. There's no option to, say, upload an SQL file and somehow do something with it.

    See, here's the thing. I also got some other SQL files - Quotes, Jokes, Recipes.

    And there's tens of thousands of different quotes, jokes, etc in those SQL databases. Now, of course, I could create a blog and copy paste the quotes or jokes in the blog manually, but I'm convinced that the SQL databases were created for that exact reason, to not have to import everything manually, but to be able to upload the database somehow, or do something with it somehow, and literally upload all the tens of thousands of quotes or jokes on a website/blog.

    So I'm still at a loss as to how to use these. I'm hitting Google now trying to find a solution. If I find it I'll post it here. But if anyone knows any helpful information about this, let me know please.

  4. Scorp Member


    Okay, so I found one tutorial that led me to Hostgator, but instead of going to "MySQL Databases" it led me to "phpMyAdmin." In there I could import an SQL database actually, and I thought that I was making progress...

    However, after uploading a database, I got an error. Then I thought that maybe the problem is the format of the database (like Airports where everything is sort of lumped together), so I tried the other one (baby names) which seems to be more ogranized. Well, that failed too. I got an error again...

    So I'm still at a loss...

    I asked on one more forum to see if I can get some help about this. If I don't get any responses or an epiphany, then I'll probably save them as they are and deal with them at a later date.

    The only logical solution that I'd be left with is to basically manually break the SQL databases into Word Files. I highly dislike Excel... so I could basically take the recipes SQL file, open it, and start copying the recipes 1 by 1 into a word file, separating each different recipe with a paragraph and a separation line. Also removing all of the coding quotes and lines and things...

    That would take a lot of time though, boooriiing...

  5. SimplySidy Member


    Okay, that wont work on MS Access the way you are trying. What you can do is right click on the blank area of the database when on the Tables panel and click Import. Use this to import the Baby Names one. It should get imported as most of the table is there. If that doesnt, you are already on the MySQL from Hostgator.

    Here is how you do it for MySQL
    1. Move ahead to PHPMyAdmin and if you can, it means you already have a database created.
    So go ahead to the Import button and click Import. Normally they limit the size of the database that can be imported. If your Airports file is within the size limit, you can have it on the database. Yes, errors may occur if the dump that you have on the file is not complete and ends with some error message. But still, it should be able to import most of what you have.

    Also, please post the error message received - that will help me provide you better ways.

    Lastly, in case you continue having issues, you can PM me requesting a screenshare (I use AmyAdmin - just 700 odd KB of application to download and run - no installation required) and I can upload using the resources - files - onto your account at hostgator - via your computer.

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  6. Scorp Member


    All right, great. Forget about MS Access.

    On that other forum I got some help after getting my error. Someone asked me about it and I posted a screenshot. Then I was told that the problem is that the SQL database has to be setup so that is compatible with Wordpress DB structure. Basically, here's what I was told, and I quote:

    "First of all, the SQL files should be compatible with Wordpress DB structure. You can't import ANY file just like that. Website != Wordpress.
    If the file is not supported you'll need to get the data into a format that Wordpress can handle."

    So all right. I started reading about how to do this, and somewhere along the way I sort of decided, forget about it, and I put the SQL files in a folder and threw them in my "To FIX" folder...

    But since I have you here. Here's the error message I got when I tried to upload a database with phpMyAdmin on Hostgator:


  7. SimplySidy Member


    LOL!!! This is the most horrible and insane advice I read in 2015.

    For the record - Database is not Wordpress and nowhere needs to be compatible with Wordpress. A Database is just what it is - a set of tables and tables containing records which make the data (the most basic definition)

    Anyways, from what I can make out of the error message, the field "Author" on the quotes table has some issues. Better, if you can trust, send me the files via skype and I try uploading and creating valid mySQL Files for ya.

  8. Scorp Member


    Okay Sid, thanks for the lesson there. I really don't know anything SQL-related...

    And thanks for the help. :)

  9. mr_bucks New Member


    Install mysql on your PC and then attempt to load the file into a mysql database from the command line. If you are running a linux box it is easier to install mysql, and you can do the same thing. If it loads fine that means the SQL files are good.

    Theoretically all SQL files should be compatiable accross DB but they are not, M$ with thier crap DB is the worst offender. You might be able to load them into an sqllite db, which has the advantage that it is light wieght.

    I have no idea why anyone would use M$ Access.


  10. SimplySidy Member


    Simply because all users of computers do not have MYSQL or rather Databases installed on their systems. Though many have Microsoft Office Package installed and this comes with a pre-bundled application Access.

    I do agree with you on the fact that it is quite a non-useful application for many. Even, I do not have Microsoft Office installed - I am an open source lover and as Websites is my profession, I have MySQL available.

    And yes, we finally got the Data imported into Scorp's Hosts MySQL.

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  11. mr_bucks New Member


    M$Access is not that bad as a database if you use something like python to query it. You can get an sql driver that works with Access, and then manipulate the data using something like http://www.sqlobject.org/ this makes it really easy. Then you can either dump the data in JSON or XML which is really easy to do with python. The great part about python is the dataabase underneath really doesn't matter.

  12. Ray Active Member


    I'm curious as to a. how these files came into your procession, b. what makes you believe that this isn't somebody's intellectual property you're trying to exploid, obviously not yours, if it was, you would know exactly what those file are, and how and where to use them.

    Just curious...

  13. Scorp Member


    The files came into my possession when I was downloading Massive packs of eBooks, Banners, Templates, Programs, and more...

    Most of the stuff in the packs were PLR type things, which I am completely allowed to own, and some allowed to give away for free, or resell, or edit, etc.

    Some of the things in the packs I didn't know how to use, like these SQL files, or some templates and themes, and some plugins. And then I sat and learned how to use most of those things. How to install a template or theme, how to install a plugin through FTP or directly through Wordpress. How to set up cron and mysql type things, etc.

    I learned many things I didn't know before, and even if some of the things in those packs are not PLRs, and not my intellectual property, and I have no right to use... well... who cares? :)

  14. Ray Active Member


    Apparently not many people do, it's just a matter of respect for other people's work. I'm sorry you feel that way, but then again, who cares.

  15. Scorp Member


    I respect other people's work, but that doesn't mean that I can't find a way to make a little bit of profit from it, as long as I can get away with it.

    Like priests. They respect religion, but that doesn't mean that they can't make a little bit of money to feed their fat bellies and drive expensive cars and have a good time.

    But, my morals are there. Like, I could never be a cop, and throw people in prison for smoking a little joint, or arresting and fining people because they can't pay their bus ticket, and just throwing people in cages and ruining lives like that. There are things I wouldn't do, because I have morals and standards, and i wouldn't do those things for all the money in the world. But, taking someone else's content for example, like 1000s of other people have done, maybe editing it a bit and all, I can live with that, as long as I get away with it :)

    I got reminded of this now haha

  16. KenBrace New Member


    That "baby_names2" file looks like it creates a MySQL table and then proceeds to run a bunch of queries that insert data into the table. I'm not sure why you would need to use the information though. Are you creating a site with a list of baby names or something?

    I am unsure about the first one. Looks like a bit of a mess.

  17. Scorp Member


    @KenBrace Well, I got a bunch of SQL files in some stuff I downloaded. And I mostly wanted to figure out why and how these SQL files can be used, and what for.

    Thanks to @SimplySidy I now know.

    I actually deleted that baby names file, and a few others that were old/irrelevant/I can never see myself using them. I kept a few though, like jokes, and quotes, and who knows, maybe some day I whip up a site and fill it up with content overnight :p

    Sure, duplicated content maybe, but the Search Engines are not the only means of traffic. I can always setup some social media type setup (Fan Page, Twitter, Pinterest) and just automate the whole thing to bring social media traffic to my - duplicated - site, stick some ads or something here and there, and try my luck at making money online haha :p

  18. KenBrace New Member


    That doesn't really sound like a good idea to me. The database information would have to coincide with the scripts.

    Even if that weren't the case just filling your site with a bunch of random content sounds unoriginal and lame. You want to create the content yourself and make it unique/original. It will feel like a sham otherwise. It would feel like that to me anyway.

  19. Scorp Member


    Well, for sites I make and actually care about and want to make something out of, there I'll write my own content and keep it original, avoiding any type of spinning/translating type things...

    But if I want to create a little site in hopes of making money with it, purely, then anything goes.

    I mean, this is a quote I read somewhere recently in some eBook, but I'll corrupt/adapt it to here:

    "When you go to the bank to withdraw your money, the bank clerk won't ask you:

    'Did you make that money in an original way?'"

    You know what I mean?

    Besides, the meta descriptions would be original. The pictures would be original. The website would be original, more or less...


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