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Webmaster Mistakes In Design

Discussion in 'Web Development' started by toradrake, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. toradrake Member


    I love this article. He talks about 4 things not to use on her site. They are the 4 things that annoy me to no end when I come across sites that have these.

    Not Listing Prices - unless you don't want customers... put prices on. I have actually been to sites where there were no prices listed. Not even approximate prices. They instantly lost my business as a result.

    Large Blocks of Text - I've come across a few sites with this. I don't think I even attempted to read it. Large blocks of text are gaudy and unreadable. Break it up.

    Horizontal Scrolling - Eck, I hate using the bottom scroll bar. Why would you ever make your site too wide for a screen. I understand if the person is using a small screen like a tablet or cell phone, but a site should be no larger then a 3/4 a computer screen. It should never go beyond.

    Questions You Want People to Ask - I love this one. To many times people put faq pages up with information that is useless to the consumer. Put a section on your facts page that allows your customers to ask questions and have someone answer them for others to see.

    Well I give this article a thumbs up. This was a great article on things your should avoid when designing your site. I would also recommend, don't put a lot of moving images on your site or falling snow or something of that nature. They are very distracting and can deter your potential customers.

  2. xTinx New Member


    I understand why the reason some websites would not want to list prices. It's part of the strategy. Perhaps putting up the prices discourage their consumers so they'd rather bank on the ones who're sincerely interested in their services before giving away prices. Also, I don't find large blocks of texts atrocious as long as they're not too big and hurting to the eyes. I guess different folks, different strokes.

  3. PandaDZN New Member


    Not everyone here has the same problems as you, lets be honest. What you all can do is you can get people to evaluate your website. You setup detailed questions and you ask them nicely if they could fill it out. This will give you an idea of what you need to improve on and what you don't need to improve on.

  4. Alunny Member


    I don't think any of these are mistakes.

    1. Listing prices is preferred but people do it to avoid being undercut so easily by the competition. In addition to this some services may change in scope, which means a quote would need to be individual. For example I do freelance web design and development. I would charge each client differently based on time and work...one might ask me for a new design based on recolouring their old one which would be significantly less than someone who wanted more changes, which would also be significantly less than someone who wanted me to completely gut the system they're using and put new templates into it.

    2. I hate this too, but it's something people do because they believe it makes it look like there's more info or they're "tabbing" instead of "double breaking" their text. A lot of people also have trouble understanding how it's hard to read. My dad, for instance, will copy and paste things with disjointed lines not even realising that it's AWFULLY difficult to understand and all he has to do is backspace and space in some spots....in otherwords it could be age and lack of understanding the internet (you don't tab, you double break, but they were taught to tab!).

    3. My website is designed to scroll horizontally and vertically based on where you want to go. It's not a mistake. What is a mistake is unintentional horizontal scrolling where the design is broken and doesn't resize or wrap appropriately.

    4. They're sometimes putting "questions they want people to ask" in their FAQ because doing so gives a bit of interesting reading and backstory and if I don't put it somewhere then I will forget myself ha ha. My FAQ has some of this as well as questions I've been asked before. It also has questions I DON'T want to be asked, for obvious reasons.

    You forgot to link us to the article so I can't comment further. Also at christmas I do put falling snow up and it's a mix between love and hate, which is why people can turn it off themselves. I would say that depends on the website.

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  5. Converse Active Member


    I agree with @Alunny on this. Something might be a mistake as far as you're concerned, but may be the right thing to do from their own marketing strategy. For example, I hate calling anyone on the telephone, and I don't see a point in shopping online if I have to call someone on the telephone in order to obtain a price, but business owner may have put the site up as an advertisement rather than an online sales outlet. Personally, if I can't find a price on someone's web site, I go on to another web site. For that matter, if I don't find what I am looking for in a store, I'll go to another store rather than ask for assistance. My wife, on the other hand, will have no problem getting on the phone and often does so without even looking to see if there was a price on the web site. She buys a whole lot more stuff than I do, so it would make sense for someone to target her as their customer base than me.

  6. Alunny Member


    Exactly, plus by entering information they can cold call or even sell the info depending on their policies (which they should have available).

    Earlier this year I was calling around to find steam cleaning prices for a rug - because it was too dirty to clean for myself and I wanted it disinfected to be sure it was clean. Anyway EVERY single steam or carpet cleaner had call or "click" for a quote and EVERY single one of them called me. They all squabbled to undercut each other and it was good for both me and them (well would have been if I liked the lowest price of $75 and didn't take it out the front and hose it down then scrub it with a broom and laundry powder ha ha) because they got the business and I got the best deal (in theory).

    Now I know that sounds very dramatic but of 5 calls, only 3 lowered their prices the other two said they were sorry but they were unable to beat that, and talked about how they would be a better choice. I told them money was my primary motive so unfortunately none of them got the job.

    To be honest I'm not sure why I spent all that time getting quotes because I wouldn't have accepted any price because I didn't have the money but you get the idea LOL. I was hoping to see $40 or maybe $45 in the mix and save for it but no dice.

  7. Jason76 Member


    There was one place where you could buy paid blogposts or links. However, many of the target websites were terribly designed, and often had little or no content. For sure, the place was a scam, but since it's advertised so much on the DigitalPoint forum, a person might initally think it was a great place to get backlinks.

  8. vtech New Member


    I had came across with same type of customer, on insisting they mentioned me as they are doing business at whole sale rates so they dont want prices to be disclosed. Well it can be part of strategy but for retail business its a necessity for sure.

  9. safiy New Member


    Nice article. But it wont work for all. I agree with you in the case of large block texts and horizontal scrolling. But listing price depends on the business nature


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