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Web-Directories - Directory of Directories

Discussion in 'Directory Announcements' started by toradrake, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. toradrake Member


  2. Converse Active Member


    It's a directory of directories. I have it listed in my directory of directories of directories, which I started as a bit of a joke, although the directory of directories sites listed there are legit.

  3. Bee New Member


    Thank you for the directory input. I look forward to adding my business website and blogs to them. I can definitely use more traffic for my websites. Has anyone ever heard of traffic exchange websites for their blogs and business websites?

  4. Sparkster New Member


    Seeing as though you own your own website(s) and blog(s), I presume so anyway, then you might be able to get away with using traffic exchange websites. However, this won't do you any favours with Google or any other search engines. Using traffic exchanges and suchlike is seriously frowned upon by Google and will significantly lower your website/blog's ranks. I certainly don't recommend it unless your not too concerned about SEO. If your blogs are hosted on another site then using traffic exchanges could prove to be detrimental to your cause.

  5. toradrake Member


    I have, but I have never personally used them. I am a bit iffy on the idea of using them. Just as much "good" traffic as you might get from these, you could get even more "bad" traffic also. So I have been unsure about using them and how they would effect a sites ranking and placement. Hopefully someone here may have actually used them and have better insight on the idea.

  6. Converse Active Member


    Directories are not traffic exchange sites. Oh, I suppose they could be if you're into the ones that offer free submissions with a link-back, but I have never recommended that. Pay the money and get a one-way link. The better directories don't offer reciprocal links.

  7. Jill Original Member



    It's mostly junk.

  8. Billy New Member


    I've gotta admit, I'm new to this whole web directory thing. I didn't even consider them until I came here. I guess I should look into them further, seeing as most here seem to be recommending them. Thanks, I'll check out the link.

  9. Ray Active Member


    In our directory, we do NOT offer nor accept reciprocal links. With that said, at the bottom of each listing detail page, there's a text box that provides the HTML code for a button that will link to that detail page. This is totally optional, and as I said, it links to the listing detail page that is in.

    We do not believe that it should be considered "traffic exchange" since we do not offer any benefit for using it.

  10. Converse Active Member


    I don't consider it to be such unless a reciprocal link is required.

  11. Ray Active Member


    NO, there is no requirement for "reciprocal link", the idea for this link button was to have a way for the listed site to send their viewers there to make use of the Rate & Review function included in their listing page.

  12. Converse Active Member


    There's nothing wrong with that at all.


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