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Vidmate For Android Brings New Breath To You

Discussion in 'Forums' started by Amber Richards, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. Amber Richards New Member

    Amber Richards

    Vidmate is the top video download application for Android phones, helps you download music and videos from Youtube and other websites quickly. Vidmate is compatible with almost all web sites, you can choose to download different files. All downloaded video are high resolution.


    With Vidmate, download mode prevents viruses, eliminates the harmful effects on your phone. Vidmate has more features than other applications such as fast loading speed, smooth and sharp image.


    If you want to download music, videos to your device, all you have to do is search for the video or music you like is available in over 20 different platforms are set up by default and the application will automatically save the musics, videos of your choice.

    The features of Vidmate:

    • Search video quickly on the phone

    • Attractive user interface

    • Download video Full HD

    • Multiple resolution options

    • Prevents viruses
    With attractive features, Vidmate is an indispensable application for your Android phone. Download it to your phone to have more interesting experiences!

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    Yes good app!

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