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Discussion in 'Suggestions/Complaints' started by WDFAdmin, Oct 31, 2014.

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    The Trophies page lists the trophies that are currently set up for use in the Web Directory Forum. If you have any others that you would like to suggest, or if you have questions or comments about the ones that are now set up, please let me know here.

    Some of these are trophies are ones that cannot be automatically assigned by the forum, such as Grammatist, but obviously I'd like to limit the number of them that I have to personally attend to, so I am particularly interested in ones that can be automatically assigned through the forum software, which is quite a lot really.

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    Not everything can be addressed through trophies, obviously, but here are some of the things that are to be encouraged in a discussion forum:

    Frequency -- How often a forum member logs in and participates in forum discussions.
    Longevity -- Those who have been members of the forum for a long time are to be valued and appreciated.
    Creativity -- Creates new threads on interesting and on-topic subjects.
    Follow Up -- Demonstrates analysis of responses to threads & builds on previous posts.
    Contributes -- Posts reflective and substantive replies to threads started by others, advancing discussion.
    References -- Includes references to literature, readings, or personal experience to support comments.
    Clarity -- Contributes to discussions with clear, concise statements that are free from grammatical or spelling errors.
    Encouraging -- Encourages other members to build upon statements that they may have been overly brief or undeveloped.
    Helpful -- Makes useful suggestions and shows a concern for other forum members and for the forum itself.

    There may be others, but these come to mind. I nearly added Confrontational, because there is value in having the courage to confront statements that are patently incorrect or misleading, but that is not at all the same thing as trolling, which is not to be encouraged. If I can think of a better word for that, I may add it.

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  3. oldwriter New Member


    I know exactly what you mean with this. Having been a site admin in various local boards, including religious ones, I must say it's in the wording.

    There are ways to say even the most clear, straight-forward thing in both an offensive manner and a polite way. It's the users who choose which one to engage in; many times to their own detriment. I have had to remove valuable posts with actual insights and corrections because of some posters' stubbornness with sustaining a personal vendetta against another member.

    A very good policy for keeping a top-notch forum over time is a firm policy of removing both sides of every impolite or inflammatory argument. This grinds trolling members faster than anything. Especially effective in politics boards. They will likely accuse you of muffling freedom of speech but usually those needing to invoke their freedom to say anything aren't the ones saying things in the best good spirit for the board.

    Any case, you just have to point-out that posting in this forum is a privilege, not a right. That should settle it up.

    How about “Assertiveness”?

    "Assertiveness is the quality of being self-assured and confident without being aggressive."


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