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Trodax Affiliate Program For Cryptocurrency Traffic

Discussion in 'Buy & Sell' started by Trodax, Sep 10, 2018.

  1. Trodax New Member



    Hello! Let us introduce our Affiliate program Trodax.cat for a cryptocurrency traffic with the largest payouts ever! 30%!


    Trodax.cat Affiliate program is glad to announce a new contest!

    TOP-50 will be placed on our service online.

    The contest is going to be from 30th of August until 30th of September 2018.
    The results are to be announced on 1st of October.

    1 Place – 1 BTC
    2 Place – 4ETH
    3 Place – 2 ETH
    4 Place – 1 ETH
    5 Place - 1 ETH

    6th – 20th Places will be awarded by 100$ to Bitcoin wallet.

    What is Trodax.cat?

    Trodax is a trading automated service based on hybrid intelligence. Just simply connect Trodax to a cryptocurrency exchange, set a currency pair, and choose the settings matching your goals. Trodax will trade creating perfect conditions for making and boosting your profit.

    It is even for dummies – we have created a very user-friendly and simple to use Wizard and FAQ, that helps anyone (even people who are not in the loop of crypto trading) to be able to use our service.

    The ingredients of Trodax success:

    • Professional trading experience
    We collect forecasts provided by top traders community and process them in our service.

    • Hybrid intelligence
    Having collected all the best and trust-worthy forecasts, our artificial intelligence comes into play: it estimates a probability of specific scenarios in efficient ways including historical data. So, we get as much exact data as possible and protect you from highly risky transactions! It trades getting and boosting your profit!

    • Handy and easy to use
    User-friendliness, simplicity of use and multifunctionality are our forte!

    • Safe and secure
    Trodax doesn’t have an access to your funds for withdrawals and transfers. It can only make buy/sell transactions. All transactions are made through API.

    Trodax is the most advanced tech project in the Western market!

    More information about Trodax you can find here: trodax.com/faq/


    1) Largest payouts ever – 30% of revenue of every attracted referral for life. We have special offers to special people ☺

    2) Wide range of promo materials in ALL LANGUAGES, you can do the most attractive advertising campaign with no efforts!
    • Banners: gif и static
    • Video
    • Promotional texts
    • Relevant list of key words

    3) WIthdrawals of your profit are made every 2 weeks. You can withdraw the funds in BTC. The minimum amount of withdrawal is 50$.

    4) We are 24/7 available for you to support via all possible channels of communication.

    Join our Affiliate program and start making profit right now![/B]


    In case of any questions please feel free to contact us:

    Telegram: t.me/trodax_ENG
    Facebook: facebook.com/Trodax.cat
    Twitter: twitter.com/Trodax1
    Email: hello@trodax.com


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