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Submitting to New Directories

Discussion in 'Directory Submissions' started by Converse, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. Converse Active Member


    In part because I like to support and encourage new directories, when I believe that someone is starting a directory with the intention of doing a good job of it, I'll submit some of my sites to a new directory, and sometimes all of them.

    There are times when I find later that the directory has turned to crap. Often, someone will start a directory thinking that it will be fun, easy, and profitable, but then find that it's more work than he can handle; rather than shutting it down, he leaves it up, collecting whatever submission fees he can but providing nothing in the way of quality. I don't think they always intend to do that but it happens, particularly when someone starts a general directory without the resources to do it right.

    This happens quite a bit actually, but I have seen zero evidence that my having listings in these sorts of directories is doing my site's placement in the SERPs any harm at all. It doesn't help, I'm sure, and if all of my links were of that sort, there might be a problem.

    Google seldom penalizes the crap directories themselves, so thinking that they'll penalize your site for being listed in one isn't worth worrying about.

    An advantage to submitting to a new directory is that the first pages of a site are usually the ones that are going to have PageRank and, although Google promises that they won't be updating their public PageRank anymore, they'll be using something of the sort in their internal algorithms. So if that's important to you, that is one advantage in submitting to a new directory.

    Another is that most new directories start out by offering free or low-cost submissions. If they persist, and do well, they will probably charge more later, and your site will already be there.

    One caution that I would suggest is that many new directories pop up with no reasonable intention of ever being anything other than a crap directory. One person is not going to be able to put together a general directory capable of competing with BOTW, AMRAY, Directory Journal, or Aviva unless they have the capital to hire editors. For that reason, most new general directories are going to turn to crap.

    Directory networks are too often bad news, so when someone starts a new directory that is going to be part of a larger network of several directories, it's probably not going to amount to much. I have seen some exceptions, but there is generally one flagship directory, which is the only one worth concerning yourself with.

    New local or niche directories would be a good idea, however.

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  2. CallieJo New Member


    I've submitted sites to new directories over the years. Most of which are no longer online. But there are a handful that are still pretty useful.

    The most important aspect of my submissions is to put my website(s) in places where people are more likely to be interested in the topics I have. I love niche directories for this opportunity. I have a brick and mortar business that does quite well in niche related directories and our local directories as well.

    I couldn't agree more. These types of directories are the ones I always find myself coming back to time after time. The usefulness of them cannot be compared to search engines. I'd rather use a directory if I have one bookmarked on the topic I'm researching.

  3. May102014 New Member


    I have been working in business to business (B2B) campaign which focuses on directories. I have been dialing to business owners or manager in different establishments and tasked to gather significant information of companies like company name, address, website, phone number, field of business, and other necessary information. I would say some information given is incorrect and not up to date. Apparently, submitting to new directories might be helpful in some other ways.

  4. KenBrace New Member


    Yeah I think niche directories are about the only gaps available on the web as far as directories go. There are already very many general directories out there. DMOZ is the king of them all. I looks outdated and there are some that are more pleasant to browse but it's still the apex directory I think.

  5. Converse Active Member


    Some would include them among the niche directories, but there is a big market for regional directories, whether on a state, city, or neighborhood level. Plus, at the more local levels, submissions can be marketed directly to local businesses, organizations, and people.

  6. Nikole Smyre New Member

    Nikole Smyre

    Would you tell me, When I submit some link in different directories then some link are approve after few days and some are not. Please if possible give me some auto approve directories list.

  7. Converse Active Member


    Every directory is operated separately, so some directory owners or staff are able to review submissions right away, while others may wait a while. Plus, particularly when a directory offers both free and paid submissions, they usually receive a bunch of spam submissions, which can take a long time to wade through, and since they were submitted for free, there's no reason to hurry.

  8. Nikole Smyre New Member

    Nikole Smyre

    Thanks for your Valuable comments.

  9. KenBrace New Member


    I generally approve (or disapprove) sites in my forum directory within a few hours at most. If I am online at the time then your site will be reviewed immediately.

    It's a forum directory so if your site is a forum then it would fit right in.

    Submissions are also free so you don't need to worry about having to pay for quicker review times or anything like that.

  10. orocot New Member



    When submitting to a new directory what harm will it do? more to the point what good will it do if the directory is new? Are they any pro's or con's to new directory's and the impact it would / will have on your website?




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  12. talha123 Member



  13. fastreplies Original Member



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  14. Klausm New Member


    The directories should just close to a niche, that all it need to be effective.
    Business directories cater for business


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