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Starting A Forum And Hosting

Discussion in 'Forums' started by DirtRider, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. DirtRider New Member


    When starting a forum we always would like to give our members the best forum experience we possibly can and what hosting you select can either enhance this or kill it off in one go. So now what hosting to use as there are so many options available, free, shared, VPS or dedicated.

    When you post this question on a forum most people will try and discourage you from using free or shared hosting, they will suggest that you go for VPS or dedicated hosting. The reality of the matter however is most of us are doing this as a hobby or an extension of our hobby so cost does play a huge factor in it all.

    I would however suggest that if possible keep clear of the free hosting sites as they can be very restrictive or have a huge amount of advertisements that will be displayed on your forum, this can also put potential new members off registering.

    Shared hosting tend to also have a bad reputation with the possibility of the hosting being over sold (more shared sites than what the resources can handle). This is one thing to try and lookout for, however it is hard to pinpoint. This might only be aparent once your site is up and running and you getting poor response from it overall. So here it is very important to do your homework read reviews and see if you can find anyone already using that hosting and ask them.

    I have not had much experience with VPS as I have gone straight from shared to dedicated servers. The one thing that did put me off VPS was the fact that it mostly has limited usage in different way, bandwidth, disk space and so on. So once again you faced with the possibility that you might run out of one of these key resources and this could in fact have a huge negative impact on your forum overall.

    Dedicated hosting well is just what it states you have your own server but once again you need to look at what you get with this and will it work for your forum. Remember you get managed and unmanaged server so if you not great at setting up a server you would need to go with the more expensive managed server.

    It is no use having your own server if the response time bad due to low hardware specs. Also remember the cost of the server will go up considerably as the server specs get better.

    Some of the ghosting sites I have used that I have had good results with are.
    Shared Hosting - Hostgator
    Dedicated Server - Server4You

    Please remember the above worked for me but might not work for you so do some research into your hosting as it will be worth the effort.

  2. Jason76 Member


    If you shop around, web hosting isn't that much. However, if your only a hobbyist, then you might want to consider free hosting. However, make sure you can use your own domain. You have the choice between free hosting with ads, or free hosting without ads. If you choose the ad option, then you will get more bandwidth, but that might not be a concern if your website doesn't get a lot of traffic. Finally, make sure the free hosting company isn't a "fly by night" operation. If the company shuts down, then you must do the same.

  3. DirtRider New Member


    Personally I don't think the free hosting site are the way to go considering how cheap you able to get shared hosting these days. The problem I see with free hosting if your site is a success you would rather just be on a proper hosting plan to start off with and then easily upgrade that if needed.

    If you need to move from free to paid the possibility that you might run into some issues when using free hosting is always there. I remember way back with my first forum I was using one of those free sites and when we wanted to move they would not allow us to take our databases so we ended up starting from scratch again. :mad:

  4. Converse Active Member


    Unless you have some reason to know that your forum is going to be widely successful, or you have money to burn, it doesn't make sense to start a new forum on a dedicated host, or even a VPS. Shared hosting should suffice for any new forum, and most forums can continue on a shared hosting plan, if the host is good. It does make sense to choose a shared hosting plan from a company that also offers VPS or dedicated hosting, so that you can upgrade when and if it is necessary.

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  5. Jason76 Member


    If you have a lot of images, then you will need top level shared hosting or a VPS, even if the website doesn't get a lot of traffic. That's one major problem to consider while deciding which hosting to use. Of course, free hosting is unlikely to have a lot of bandwidth unless it's ad supported. Anyhow, in that case, the best solution is to use paid hosting.


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