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Spam Protection

Discussion in 'Forums' started by Jason76, Oct 31, 2015.

  1. Jason76 Member


    Which free and paid forum software packages have the best spam protection built in? In my experience, MyBB, phpBB, and XenForo, all have good spam protection. However, spammers did manage to get into one MyBB setup I had, after I used the built in protection, and they managed to get into the phpBB setup that I replaced it with. However, this was a lone case. My other domains built on phpBB and MyBB hadn't got even one spammer. :confused:

  2. Aminur Rahman New Member

    Aminur Rahman

    Vbulletin is also effective to protect spam. I am using this platform for last one year.

  3. fastreplies Original Member



    lately phpBB uses not bad security features.
    Answering Question and using Location in registration form, I know kills spam bots.




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