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Sound Use in Web Design?

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by NathanG, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. NathanG New Member


    I know many people have conflicting views on this, but what are some nice uses of sound in web design? And by that I mean, where are some good places to use sound when making a website. Only for games? For videos and music?

    For instance, we all know how it can be useful on YouTube or Pandora, but how could sound be useful on say, a construction company's website? There probably aren't any ways that it could be of good use in most situations, but I really want to know some nice examples.

    Personally, I am not a huge fan of sound in the web, but I believe in certain applications it could be majorly useful. I don't know though, maybe the web is destined to be a silent art.

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  2. Converse Active Member


    As long as there is a prominent means of shutting it off without having to turn the sound down on my computer, I don't mind. I would, however, be interested in knowing whether anyone can think of some good uses for sound on a web page, other than the obvious, YouTube and streaming movies. Okay, I have come across some instructional videos that were helpful too, but these are all interactions that I chose to do, and which I could easily shut off if I wanted to.

  3. Shan Barton New Member

    Shan Barton

    That is an interesting question. It seems that more website owners are also asking the same questions during the initial development of their websites. I believe that if well integrated, it can boost more interest in websites. A good example is what PayPal has done for their site. They have creatively used a combination of video and audio to offer more interactive insights about their services.

  4. Converse Active Member


    I can understand someone wanting to play a sound file of a song that they believe to be representative of their business or topic but really, who wants to hear the same song over and over again? Instructional videos are great, but I'll never like the ones that play automatically. As a site visitor, let me decide if I want to see it or hear it.

  5. logitech74 New Member


    I never did and I never will use that. I just hate that, right now I'm telling you that right now. I do a lot of Google searches and then I open a lot of new tabs and I really hate the fact that one of them is playing and then I have to search for that annoying one haha Know it's easier because you get that small sound icon so you know from the start. :D

  6. Survivor29 New Member


    I've been since the Web since '92 and to date I haven't seen any website that has used sound really effectively. In fact, almost all of the websites that I've visited that have used sound in some form have always been really annoying. The most annoying ones are those where you cannot even mute the sound that is playing when the page has finished loading.

  7. tasha New Member


    I think you can look on mp3 for the music you want, youtube and any music site that you can. Once you load it onto your website you can edit how long it will paly for but think of background music as potential customers look at your site as you do not want something that will irritate them ans then leave before they have read through your entire story.

  8. SimplySidy Member


    There are instances where sound does play a great role. I was referred to a website by a friend on another forum, which was about selling life saving jackets. Their home page was more of a movie kind of experience where there were two sailors in a boat and one falls into the water. The audio-visual experience was simple awesome.

    Have a look at this one

    This page will never have the same effect if there was no sound.

    Note: It will take a while to load and play.

  9. Sly14Cat New Member


    When it comes to sound I think it's best to stick with keeping it in videos, music, anywhere where the user has complete control over when sound comes out of their computer. As soon as sound starts coming out without their warning, you'll see them having a bad experience and wanting out ASAP. The only example I can think of sound being done wrong is Tumblr themes with auto playlists. Nobody likes those, and they ruin the train of through of whoever is using it.

  10. jdroc New Member


    Yes, yes, I'm guilty of this too. I hate having to find the one tab. It always seems like the hardest tab to find, even if you just opened it. I'm not against sound all the way though. I think it can do some good depending on where and how it's placed.

  11. Converse Active Member


    When I am seeding directory categories, I'll do a search on whatever the topic of the category is, pop up a bunch of sites that appear, from the descriptions, to be appropriate for the category. Sometimes I'll have 40-50 tabs open, so that I know if I can create subcategories. So when one of the sites in one of these fifty tabs starts singing to me, it's a little frustrating.

    If I can easily figure out which one it is, it's not a problem. If it allows me to simply stop the music, I'll leave it open and consider adding the site. If I can't figure out how to shut the damned thing off, I'll close the tab and they don't get a free listing. What's really frustrating is when I have to start closing one tab a a time until I find the offender.

    By the way, I am often streaming a movie in another monitor so that's why I don't simply turn my sound off. If I'm not streaming a movie, it's not so bad but I'll still usually not add the add the site unless I really need it to have enough for a category.

  12. toradrake Member


    If there is one thing that irks me more than advert's all over a page, its auto-play sound files. If you put a sound file on a site, give the person the option to turn it on, not have to turn it off. Sound files can be great if set up correctly. It can give a person the option to either read their site, or listen to it. For instance, I helped build a site 15 years ago that had a sound file on it that you click on and it told you all about the company and even had recordings of customer reviews (it was a pain to get the customers recordings, but it came out pretty nice). So sound files do have their uses... just hate it when I am forced to listen to them when I first come into a site rather then able to choose if it comes on or not.

  13. Rashed Member



  14. Billy New Member


    I think it can be a real turnoff for some people. I personally hate it myself when I'm searching for something and click on a site and am greeted with a loud voice or noise. I've seen a lot of places use those "walk ons" where someone will walk across the screen (on the site) and start talking. It's better if there is an option for the visitor, because as I said, it's a real turnoff, and it makes me want to hit the back button. Also, most of the time I have the volume of my computer on pretty loud for when I listen to music, so it scares the bejesus out of me sometimes when I hear a loud voice from out of nowhere.

  15. Shamzblueworld New Member


    I'd not like sound in webdesign, I would never put it on my website, unless it is a necessity, it is kinda annoying when I visit a website that has sounds in it.


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