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Social Media - How Difficult or Simple has been your Journey thus far?

Discussion in 'Social Media Marketing' started by SimplySidy, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. SimplySidy Member


    I have seen the rise and fall of many social media websites and yes, I was around when the Twitter or Digg or even many others were developing codes and registering their domains. I come from the Ancient days when the word Social meant to have a GuestBook section on your page wherein some of you visitors could leave you a message. Ah I am ancient (often called a dinosaur who managed to survive the times :D) and kind of love those older days when Life was so very simpler.

    Today, there are so many social media around and they say - if you dont exist on the social media, you don't exist on the internet - and if you havent read this statement anywhere else, you can give me the credits :p

    When a new social media starts (Fb, Twitter and the others) things are simpler. You join, you share and you get visitors. There is less of competition and more of enthusiasts willing to click the links to your site to find out more. Eventually, most of these social media sites start getting plagued by SM Marketeers, and life starts getting miserable for those who are genuine but new around. Even many potential websites that could have benefited more dont get the attention that they should have.

    How simple or difficult has been your life specially when you have a website to promote on a social media and you are doing it on your own without hiring any of those SM Marketeers ?

    And - If you are from the Dinosaur era like me, what are the differences you have observed in the Social Media of "then" and "today"

  2. Scorp Member


    I am not a social media dinosaur, although I've been around... haha :D

    My life as far as social media hasn't been that difficult, but then again I'm not much into listening those whitehat social media marketers.

    You know, the guys that tell you to stay away from bought followers, to not try to game the system in any way, but to instead waste hours and hours on actually getting involved in promotion, and, of course, to buy Facebook Ads...

    I love Social Media simply because of the automation. Automation for posting scheduled content, automation for posting new published articles from your website, various ways - free or paid - to get followers/likes, etc...

    Now, people will say that those 'fake' followers are fake, and they have no value. And I'll disagree, and actually just a few hours ago my opinion was validated by a 12 year old kid. Let me explain...

    I was working on a transcription job, and I can't give away any details, because I have a confidentiality agreement to uphold. However, the kid was talking about Youtube. And he basically said that he doesn't care about how many views a video has, but if a video has a lot of likes then he'll probably like it himself.

    Now, the whitehat "gurus" will tell you to Never buy any subscribers/followers/likes/views... and I'll tell you that in this case at least, a video I upload and send 100 'fake' likes to will probably end up getting more likes in the long run than the guy who uploads his video and tries to get only real people to watch it.

    Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, if a video goes viral for example, but you gotta use these guerilla tactics to play with people's psychological triggers. When you master that, I think, there's no limits.

  3. toradrake Member


    WOW, you make us sound so old! Don't make me come after you with my cane! LMAO

    Social Media then (you know when the Moses parted the red sea and we were using smoke singles to communicate) consisted of primarily of live chat and forum sites. The biggest things for IM (instant messengers) such as (OMG here comes a dinosaur!) ICQ. Social Media may have advanced, but I have yet to see how it has simplified things. If anything, it has complicated it some what. At least with IM's (which still do exist) it was independent and did not require you to open up a browser to use it. There were even ways to tie all your different IM's in to one IM so you can chat to your hearts content without having to open a new window. Some IM's even had a history so that you can communicate with one another even if the other was offline. Now, Facebook and all the other SM's require you to open them in your browser to use.... I don't know about the rest of you, but I miss the old days of IM's, live chat, and forums myself. Social Media has become to commercialized and busy for me.

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  4. SimplySidy Member


    Ah, yes. How could I miss those Forums, IMs on the text of my discussion... Failing Memories. I believe, a package that comes bundled with aging;)

  5. xTinx New Member


    Back then, there wasn't this thing called search engine optimization so social life was limited to those in your circle. Now, you can do so much with social media. It has basically become a platform for all sorts of venture - it's no longer just a personal space where you get to interact with friends, family, colleagues and anyone you know.

  6. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    I find that for the most part is has been pretty hard. It's hard to get people to come to your sites if you don't have something to keep them there. I mean that by saying because sometimes good writing doesn't keep people coming back. I'm sure that if I was promoting more then it would be easier. I just try to also work online so it's hard to work online and then spend the rest of my time trying to promote online

  7. Alunny Member


    My journey was excruciating until I found Like 4 Like. It's made it a lot easier. Basically I can like other peoples stuff with my games account and they like mine, and it makes me look way more trustworthy and legitimate. I've also got people subscribing to my youtube and liking me on google plus, which was beyond difficult before finding this. I have over 200 on G+ and 150 on Youtube, as well as 95 on Facebook.

    The thing with Facebook is it detects when likes aren't organic and removes them...so you need to limit the amount of credit you use daily to about 5 likes. You're less likely to lose them then! Facebook ads have helped a bit too, running them alongside this has been good. Also if you're liking/subscribing on FB do it in small batches and not too many times a day or you'll get banned from liking/subscribing for a month and everything will be removed. It's a bit awful! ha ha

    But anyway today when I post links to my blog I get an influx of visitors from social media and it's much much better/nicer than it was before Like 4 Like. And it's such a weight off my shoulders not having to advertise and work so hard to look legitimate.

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  8. Scorp Member


    The thing about giving less daily likes to facebook page likes... that's a great piece of info. My Likes have been disappearing basically as I get them, so it's like I'm not even getting them at all. That sucks so bad...

    Actually, you should use iMacros to automate point collecting. At least for me, I found a great way to automatically collect points there without spending time clicking, or buying points. These babies: Like4Like imacros.

    About Like4Like, that's one of the best sites of its kind; in that niche.

    The best social exchange site, without a doubt, would be AddMeFast. I mean, it has the most traffic, the least bugs, pretty loose security for botting, most categories. So that's definitely another one to add to your arsenal, if you haven't already...

    Three others I've used, called Vingler, SubXcess, and Social-Media-Exchanger. Don't waste your time. Those sites are very dead. I mean, they're not bad sites, just no traffic, so they would be a small waste of time, don't bother trying those. By the way, you can try them if you want, I take no sides here, I'm just telling you my experience in using the sites.

    And in all fairness, SubXcess was a great site for Youtube subscribers, it's just that after a Youtube update there was an issue and people weren't getting the points for subscribing. They were trying to solve it for like 2 or 3 months, until finally there was a small change on the site, in design only, as I figure, and the Youtube subs category still wouldn't work correctly. So for me, at the moment, SubXcess is a dead site. Although, I check it out from time to time and if the Youtube Subs category gets fixed, I'll use it again, most probably.

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  9. Alunny Member


    Yeah Facebook has a "new algorithm" that removes them near constantly....they say they are trying to have likes "mean something" but they're actually just making everything harder. My dad liked my business page and his like was removed. My sister did and hers was removed. I mean, what the hell is this algorithm using to determine whether people actually know about a page and value it?

    Thanks for your input on the other sites, I sort of got that impression and like 4 like really hit it off for me. It had a really instant return but it was all wiped out because people liked too much and got their likes removed. It's a huge pain, I hate that FB is doing that.

  10. Scorp Member


    Yes. They're making everything harder, but the reason is just money. They do want people to be buying likes, from them, from their advertising program on Facebook. That's the reason this is happening.

    And they only concentrate on the FB Page Likes, because followers and post likes are working normally. One might say they haven't gotten to those yet, but it's a bit harder to monetize that for them, so what do they care.

    Honestly, especially for Facebook Page Likes I sort of don't wanna waste points on those anymore on the social exchange sites. I still am sending likes, but they haven't been increasing lately at all, so it's like I'm throwing points away, and it's annoying.

  11. Alunny Member


    I ran an ad and it said it cost me $1.17 per like. I feel like that's a low fee but at the same time it's a lot of money to get to 100 likes!!

    I've set mine to 5 likes a day which is nice, I only need to log in and do stuff every now and then to get more points....to be honest you're best off setting it to 9 points a like...that way some likers will be once or twice off likers and stay in the likes count!

    There's really no easy way around this unless you join a like exchange group....and let me tell you those are freaking nightmares!! Half of the time they unlike later or never even like it in the first place. Not to mention they're either so busy it's ridiculous to get a post approved or so dead you don't get anything anyway. At least this way you might get some that stick ha ha.

    BTW: Your best bet with those exchange groups is to like and message the page owner that you liked and ask them to like back...you'll be more likely to get a like back.

  12. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    Wow, that sounds like it is a really great site. That might be something that I will have to check out. I am always looking for ways that I'm able to gain more people looking at my work. I find that a lot of the time it's really hard. This seems like it would be a good way to be able to do that fast.

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  13. cwvps New Member


    I'm not a dinosaur either, but I still get tired sometimes. It seems like the old days were better. This social media thing is really time-consuming. And I need to exist there.

  14. chinomoreno New Member


    I used to use Facebook for promotion for an adult dating site, about 5 years ago.
    It was so easy back then, we were able to get lots of leads within a week. You can send friend request in a mass.
    And use tools like iMacros to make life much easier. But Facebook got strict and smarter, they updated their site more frequently and the business slowed down. Right there, I saw how the niche end up. It was a bit unfortunate but at least I was able to adopt to changes, until we finally let go.
    It was happy though at some point I was able to witness and experience change. I've learned a lot from it. That was the time I've realized Facebook gives value to engagement.


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