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Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by toradrake, Dec 26, 2014.

  1. toradrake Member


    This guy talks about how to get your YouTube videos on the front page of Google within 24 hours. Guess what, he is using basic SEO techniques to do it. This video is great to watch. He even proves to you that he can do it with a video that he uploaded. Now here is a question though... if he had uploaded that video to a regular site and not YouTube which is a major site, would he have had the same results? Did YouTube play a major role in the placement of his video?

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  2. Scorp Member


    Well, I don't see any video, but I've read stuff about ranking Youtube videos, and I have a friend who has videos ranked on the first page of Google.

    First of all, a method that used to work is the "Unlisted method." Where you would upload a video as unlisted, feed it retention views and likes, and then make it listed after a day or two and it would rank.

    That method has apparently died a few months ago, so if anyone reads something like that and wants to try it, you can, but you'll probably just waste your time because that's dead now.

    But ranking a Youtube video is pretty much like ranking any other web page. Make sure your tags/descriptions/title are all optimized, talking on-page SEO. And then build backlinks to your video. Also, send some retention views, likes and comments to the video too, as those seem to help with ranking as far as I've read.

  3. Jason76 Member


    YouTube can be a major source of traffic. It's definitely worth the time to study it's optimization strategy. Note, some guitar lesson websites have gotten rich by driving in mostly YouTube traffic.

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  4. chinomoreno New Member


    It is a given fact actually that youtube is one of the largest and popular search engine in the web.
    The thing is that, it is not all about SEO, but of course it plays a role however 80% should be the substance of the video.
    How much value or entertainment it gives and serves to the audience.

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  5. laxmirai269 New Member


    In seo video is better than content. Most of the audience impressed by videos. So video best to promote your business.

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  6. Scorp Member


    Actually, in SEO video is not better than content. Content will produce many keywords that will then perhaps rank here and there on the search engines. Video will not produce keywords (apart from the description and tags you input).

    In terms of SEO, strictly speaking, I'd say content is better.

    But, in terms of people (because ultimately it's about people and traffic), I believe both content and videos should be used. Why leave any potential traffic sources on the table? And then you have people who prefer reading articles, and people who prefer watching videos. So work to accommodate everyone. :)


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  7. talha123 Member


    Nice tips for this


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