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Search Engines vs Directories

Discussion in 'Search Engines' started by KenBrace, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. KenBrace New Member


    If you had to choose between using search engines only or directories only, which would you pick?

    Why do you prefer it over the other?

    I would go with search engines myself. I feel that I can get more relevant results to exactly what I want to find.

    Directories are great for finding websites of a certain type that I'm looking for but they aren't as useful at finding pages.

    What are your thoughts?

  2. kazzak New Member


    Search engines, any day. Simple reason is that they can be used to find so much more at the same time, so they're not only limited to the very small portion of sites out there (compared to directories, I mean). Also seeing how they try to do their best in ranking sites according to their actual relevancy (something that the directories either won't do, or do more or less worse because of the said limited amount of content) it's quite likely to find what you're looking for - along with nice selection of alternatives.

    I would also go and think that search engines keep the fresher content up, whereas many directories that I've come across could very well have sites and domains that haven't even existed for many years.

  3. Converse Active Member


    That's because, in a good directory, every listed site is relevant to the category topic that it is listed in, whereas eighty percent of most search engine results are irrelevant to the search or barely relevant.

  4. kazzak New Member


    80% sounds like you're just counting all the results that nobody even ever sees in there. The grang majority of people never make it to the half way of the first result page, let alone to the second page of a search engine. I guess it's good if directories work for you, but personally I see them as very biased since each owner would have to go out their way to add their websites to each possible directory and get them approved, whereas SE's do this and the quality management automatically - and while it's not perfect, they do very good job at it.

  5. Converse Active Member


    I'm talking about the first two pages, which is about as far as anyone goes.

    More than ninety percent of the sites listed in a good web directory are added by directory editors, not submitted. I know, as that's what I've been doing for a living for the past fifteen years.

  6. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    I would also have to say a search engine rather than a directory. I feel like they will be able to better find what you're looking for. Plus they are so fast now. Google can find you millions of results in only a matters of seconds. It's amazing how search engines have been able to progress over the years. I remember when I first used Google and I mean it wasn't super slow, but it wasn't as fast as it today. There are also so many more sites that they are able to find for you. I'm just amazed with technology.

  7. peopletrendin New Member


    I go with search engine which predicts proper and effective result as compared to directory.

  8. chinomoreno New Member


    Of course, search engines. Nowadays, who uses directories?
    The truth is, for some, online directories are just considered as a way to get backlinks.
    Anyway, I don't mean to be off the topic just stating the fact hahaha!

  9. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    I have to agree with you. I think that search engines are just so much better because of that fact. I know that we are on a directory form, but they aren't as useflul anymore. They were at one point, but technology is moving too fast.

  10. DirectorsMill New Member


    Mine is a question for @KenBrace I've always used search engines "only" because it's the only one available for quick search in the Web and there are several choices: Google,Yahoo, Bing... Now that I've found out about web directories, I wonder if there is such thing as Web Directory Apps search engine (or something)? I have bookmarked the directory page and search what I look for from there. It's too long route to find something.

    I hope I'm making sense. Thanks.

  11. JamesDavid Member


    I go with search engine which predicts proper and effective result as compared to directory.

  12. chinomoreno New Member


    Well, I never use online directories when browsing the web.
    I don't even think it is comparable to search engines.

  13. vamert New Member


    If i search for query about research i prefer i prefer using search engine but if im searching contact number and business place i rather scrub the directory.

  14. fastreplies Original Member






  15. fastreplies Original Member



    Try search for web directories and you'll be lucky if you find a dozen of real one
    in top 10 pages whereas the rest SEO spam infested garbage that have nothing to do
    with directory but in there because useless Google is getting so easily f*cked by
    SEO spammers.

    Go to AMRAY Directory and you'll find nothing but directories if you open
    Category or search for one and then tell me what you're rather to use for researches.



  16. thzfsdhdty Active Member


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