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Search Engines Overtaking News Media

Discussion in 'Search Engines' started by toradrake, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. toradrake Member


    According to an article I read, Search Engines have become the #1 trusted source of News. Google seems to be on top. It seems to me that more and more people are turning to the internet for their entertainment and news rather then their TV's.... in time I believe that cable and satellite TV will phase out. What do you guys think on this?

    Link to Article

  2. xTinx New Member


    I don't think that would be the case. Even though I read some of the news online, they mostly lack salient details and key visuals. I sift through CNN, BBC, Channel News Asia and local news channels on cable television simply because I'd like to know more about the details and see for myself what the written news was really talking about. I don't know if it's the same for other people, though.

  3. LitoLawless New Member


    I can definitely believe that this information is true. I think for the most part, most people get their news while they are on the go, or from the internet in some way. News stations like CNN and FOX News have apps so that you get news as it is happening anytime during the day. The fact that news stations are coming up with ways that you can still get your news from them except from the internet shows where people are getting their news from. It also shows where people spend most of their time.

  4. SimplySidy Member


    Personally, I dont like watching the news on tele or most of those sagas they air. Two reasons - the news and almost everything on tele looks built up (maybe the right word would be presented) for the sake of Money, creating more confusions than clarifications and more about forcing you to try and understand the views of the presenters. At least that is how I feel about those channels.

    For the Tele shutting down, I dont think it is going to happen, at least not until I die. A lot of money is being invested and a lot of jobs are being created and they are now an industry. So chances of the entire industry shutting down are quite remote.

    Coming to the point of discussion - the Internet is what I too look forward to in terms of my entertainment and information. I read the select news that I like, no adverts being forced down to me, and I can listen and watch the songs, serials etc of my choice - when and where I like. Though I dont agree to blocking things just because I dont stay in the US or a particular country, but it is okay, there are ways out and if I really need to have my way, I can have it my way too.

    PS: I am sad that CBS will not let me watch the Star Trek or You Tube will not allow me to watch some videos just because I am from India without me breaking the codes of ethics.

  5. Scorp Member


    Well, that's a good point @xTinx it's true that online news lack visuals and thing, even if they include videos, it's just not the same...

    However, I haven't watched TV for over 2 years now, and I don't miss it one bit.

    And believe more and more people will be giving up on it, especially as far as getting their news goes. Because we all know that it's all for money, not the truth, so you can't really expect honest and unbiased reporting from news media outlets that are owned and support this or that political, religious, or whatever other agenda.

    But on the internet you get everything. Or rather, you can get everything. Like recently when the killings in France happened. The news media reported on what they reported, but on TV you'll just get their point of view and their brainwashing. However, on the internet you'll get all points of view and all forms of brainwashing, and so you can choose - like the free human being you are - what brainwash you want to accept, if any. :p

    Truth is, Keep on Making that Money, forget about TVs, politics, all that, it doesn't matter. Nothing matters else matters if the fridge is empty! Survival comes first!

    TV = Waste of time, as far as I'm concerned. Whether we're talking the news, or Spanish soap operas, it's all just a huge waste of time, for he most part.

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  6. xTinx New Member


    I guess so. It's a case-to-case basis, really. For many yuppies, tech-savvy teens and tech buffs in general, watching television just to know the latest news isn't very convenient. What usually turns people off is the numerous advertisements that seem to hang around news programs - unless of course you're watching cable news channels where commercials are scarce. There are other ways to enjoy the television though and since previous generations are still here, news channels will remain relevant until then.

  7. Rainman New Member


    The reason why these TV stations will remain around for a really long is time is because they are the only [I hesitate to use this word] "reliable" news sources. People will read news but they won't believe it until they see it reported on TV or posted on reputable sites that might actually have journalists on the ground. And then of course there are some of those things which people would rather see instead of reading about them. In such cases people will prefer to get theirs news on TV .

    Google merely aggregates news from many sources. So technically they're not a news source. They're but a conduit that delivers all the news people need in[to] one place.

  8. toradrake Member


    I would be inclined to agree with you if not for the fact that I started watching around me to see if it is true. I noticed that so many people are looking at the news on their phone and most of the people I know don't even watch TV anymore. I don't watch TV anymore. Everything is internet based. I have not yet begun to read the news on the Search Engines, but I have discovered that a lot of people I know are. MSN seems to be the more popular one among my group, but according to the article it is Google.

  9. Scorp Member


    Guys, there's one more thing that no one seems to have noticed.

    Not everyone in the world has internet.

    I mean, it's natural that it won't go through our heads because we're surrounded by internet, and live on it, but I believe that statistically speaking, taking into account all the people in the world that have no internet, and all the older people who don't care for it and are set in their TV habits, we're still probably a pretty small minority, the people that don't watch TV and get their news from the internet.

    I mean, last time I saw a statistic I think it said that just about 2 billion of the 9 billion people on earth have internet, or have internet at home. So, that says it all...

    TV wins haha :p

  10. mr_bucks New Member


    More people have a smartphone or tablet then a TV set. In a lot of 3rd world countries you can get a new android phone for like $50, all day unlimited 3G internet is like $1, but there are cheaper packages. The internet is a really cheap form of entertainment.

    Squatter have android phones and tablets. The price of scrap iron and copper is really high, the squatter steals 50kg of scrap iron he has an android phone.

    Also in most developing nations, kids live with their parents till they get married. So they have a lot more disposable income.

    China has an unbelievable amount of smart phones. This is why the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is caught in a rock and a hard spot. The CCP can no longer censor news, 2nd cousin sees something in Beijing, she snaps a pic, 10 minutes later her family is looking at the pic in Mongolia.

    That is why the Chinese newsmedia came clean on the pollutiom problem in Beijing, they couldn't hide it.

    China also needs to allow its people to use the internet for trade and commerce, they can block but not everything.

    That is why the CCP is giving more freedoms they are scared shitless they will be overthrown. There is over 10,000 protests/stikes a year in China, they are not conted unless it has 10,000 people or more. This is what is being reported outside of China.

    The GDP per capita in the outer provinces of China is already at $20,000, and as the inland provinces modernize the trend is continuing there. Only 1/3 of China has modernized.

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  11. Niall95g New Member


    The reason online news is taking over is due to the ease of access I believe. It is very simply for an internet savvy user to look up online news on the go.

    Also, the ability to subscribe to news channels online means that users can get access to the news as soon as big headlines get released.

    The online news is also available on demand, when the users want to hear about showbiz news they can access a website dedicated to showbiz, such as MTV. If they want to access general world news they could visit the BBC website. The news is always there, however it is only broadcast on certain channels at certain times of the day.

  12. toradrake Member


    I think that is what is the biggest appeal. People are always on the go these days and don't have time to sit down and specific times to watch the news or shows they want to watch. With the internet, it is on their time and not the stations. They can watch what they want, when the want, how the want... there are very few limitations. Also, its free. They only have to have internet access and nothing more. With TV you have to get cable packages for a ton of money to get the channels you want and a slue of channels you don't want. With internet, you don't have that problem.

  13. KenBrace New Member


    This is something I've thought about a lot. Cable TV is definitely on its way out along with the radio. Everyone is turning to the world wide web for just about all their needs nowadays.

    There's good reason for it too. You can get all the music you need. Any movie you want. All kinds of news from lots of different sources with the ability to pick the stories/reports that you think are the most interesting. You can also check the news whenever you want.

    There is a lot of the older generation that is sticking to television but as the newer gen grows up we will definitely see cable/satellite TV & radio dying out since we have so much more control with the internet.

  14. Converse Active Member


    When cable TV was first introduced, it gave us the opportunity to pay for our television each month but not have to suffer through advertisements, while at the same time offering much more than what was available on television. Big draws were the movie channels and 24-hour news channels.

    Here we are a few years later, and cable TV now has advertisements, and the 24-hour news channels never seem to be able to cover more than one topic at a time, repeating the same thing over and over again, while ignoring anything else that occurs. The movies are still there, but streaming movies allows the viewer to choose what to watch, and when.

    Yes, I agree that cable TV is on its way out. What I am afraid of is that in a few years, we'll find we have pretty much the same thing that we currently have with cable TV only it will be delivered over the Internet for a higher cost than what we paid for cable.

    As for radio being on its way out, I don't agree with that. People aren't turning to the radio so much for news or music anymore, except when they are driving, but radio provides a talk show experience not found on any other medium, and nearly everyone has their radio on while driving. Radio will change, I am sure, but I don't see it as being on its way out. Local radio is big, and people do tune in to local radio stations for local news that is most often ignored by the larger media. Local weekly newspapers are still doing well, by the way, although very few people are depending on their statewide newspaper for the news anymore. I like having one when I go to a restaurant but it has been years since I have subscribed to a newspaper.

    As for search engine's news areas, they are just posting news from other sites so, while they may offer convenience, it's not like they're replacing other news outlets.

  15. toradrake Member


    I always want to own my own internet based cable tv system and station. It is just hard as all heck to build on my own. I need more people to get involved. It would make a crap load of money though. One thing I have been noticing is that a lot of stations are starting to make it so that you have to either pay a monthly fee or have a paid cable service to get access to the shows and stuff you want. CBS and SYFY are two that come to mind right now. I wanted to set up a service where people pay a single fee, choose the stations they want, and get access to them every month through a single site. Of course, being broke and having now way to build the site needed and to have someone go to negotiate with the stations to get it started, I am at a loss... :p

  16. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    I have to agree that soon TV might be irrelevant to people. I mean think about it, you can just use your smart phone to look up the news now. Say you can't get to the TV, then you can just use your phone. You can search up whatever you want, and it comes to you in a matter of seconds. To me, that's not bad. Especially if you only care about one thing on the news, you might have to wait a long time for that one thing to come on. It's just getting so much easier for people to use.

  17. chinomoreno New Member


    I don't think so. And I don't think I still exist if that happen, haha
    The thing is, I still watch TV haha :D

  18. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    I'm sure that there will still be people around like you who like to watch TV, but then there are others that just don't anymore. People can just get the news online and it's so much faster than having to wait until it comes on again if they missed it. I just enjoy Netflix a lot more, which is why I don't watch TV. I like being able to stream my TV and not have to worry about the commercials that come with watching TV. I mean sometimes I will watch shows that I like on TV, but it doesn't happen that often.

  19. thzfsdhdty Active Member


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