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Quality Craigslist Posters Needed !

Discussion in 'Hire & Be Hired' started by Brennen, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. Brennen Member


    Peoples didn't know where to contact a good and experienced Craigslist posters. Don't go anywhere. Here the quality Craigslist poster is. They're very cheaper, experienced, quality work and complete the project as you fixed to finish it. They are trusted freelancers who having such knowledge to generate more leads to your business.

    They've own PVS's and Post ads to cities where we want to, and also Having IP tools as well. They are pretty effective and showing quality in their works too. Let test them how they will work for you. Make contact to them at their official site here . The link shown as signature here below .

  2. starlight22 New Member


    I have seen these ads on Craigslist and this is a job I would do if I know more information on it and that it's very legit. It was nice of you to post this for us to look at it. I liked reading your post and later I'll be checking this out online.

  3. toradrake Member


    I looked at their site and don't see where you would sign up as a poster, just where you sign up for service. Site seems a bit short on information too. I think I will watch this one for a bit before I even try it.

  4. xTinx New Member


    Is this site still in beta? It looks okay but I don't see any access page where we can input our login details. I guess this is paid? I mean, there's no registration form but there is a price list available. So do you mean we pay to post on Craiglist? Somehow, I don't understand the process.


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