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Notice Purpose of Q&A Forum

Discussion in 'Questions & Answers' started by WDFAdmin, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. WDFAdmin Administrator


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    The Questions & Answers part of the board is set aside for questions on any topic whatsoever, but for the purpose of soliciting a best answer, which will be determined solely by the originator of the thread.

    Questions about Web Directory Forum, Web Directory Reviews Org, or WDR Directory of Directories should be asked in other parts of the board that have been set aside for these topics. There is also a section for suggestions and complaints.

    Keeping in mind that there are trophies involved with having given the Best Answer, please try to fairly determine which is the best answer, rather than using it as a means of rewarding people who may have asked you to pick their answer, or exchanging favors. Two Best Answers are permitted.

    Until we get a larger group of people in here it might be difficult to do so, but once we get established the questioner should determine an ending time for each question.

    Although others may be determined in future, currently the following trophies are associated with asking and answering questions in the Questions & Answers forum. Please see the Trophies page for further information.
    • 1 point - Questioner
    • 5 points - Good Answer
    • 10 points - Inquisitor
    • 10 points - Genius
    • 25 points - Thomas Edison
    • 50 points - Albert Einstein
    • 100 points - Nikola Tesla


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