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PPC Campaign

Discussion in 'Website Marketing' started by toradrake, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. toradrake Member


  2. Billy New Member


    I guess PPC would be crazy this time of year with the holidays, and of course, Christmas is just around the corner too. I can only imagine how much more a PPC campaign would cost with the extra competition.

  3. toradrake Member


    I've never delt with PPC personally. When I worked in the field, there was a whole department at the company I worked for dedicated to PPC so I never got a chance to really get into it. Personally, I would not want to deal with PPC unless I am being paid to do it. It looks like a headache to me. I know that it can get very costly and there is no guarantee that those clicks are going to be a paying customer/client. So you spend money on a possible not a definite.

  4. Billy New Member


    Whenever I hear about someone getting paid to do PPC or SEO in house, it always make me wonder how long someone would hold this position until they perfected it and would then venture out on their own. It would be cool to be paid to sit around and figure out what it working, instead of needing immediate profit, like you do when you work for yourself.

  5. Converse Active Member


    That's why it's nice to have sites of your own, since you can try different things to see what works and what's doesn't.

  6. toradrake Member


    For those who have the time, money, and patience to do so that is. Marketing and SEO can be very time consuming and you need to be ever vigilant on it. It is a constantly changing field and if you do not keep up with it, it can damage what happens with your site.

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  7. Converse Active Member


    Not unless you do dumb stuff. If the major point of your SEO campaign is based on solid content, your marketing campaign is the equivalent of saying, "Hey! Look at me!" Then there are things that you can do to call attention to your site, but there is very little that you can do that will cause harm.

    On the other hand, if your marketing campaign is intended to trick the search engines into thinking that you have content that you don't really have, then it's the content equivalent of a Ponzi scheme, and you've got to stay on your toes constantly, hoping that the search engines don't notice that your content isn't legitimate.

    When it's your own site that you are promoting, you can afford to make mistakes as long as you have your content in place first. It's relatively easy to get a content-rich site within sight of the first few pages of the SERPs. Then you look at which of your competitors are ahead of you in the SERPs. Until you are able to compete in the more competitive keywords, concentrate on long-tail keywords, building pages around them.

    Do your competitors offer more content? Is their content better organized than your own. Pretend that you are a search engine algorithm, then try to determine what a search engine might think your site is about, and compare that to competing sites.

    Add pages to your site as often as you can, but whenever you make a significant change to existing pages, let it sit for a while, and see if it helps or hurts your position in the SERPs, and adjust what you're doing accordingly.

    It is with your own sites that you can best learn to do SEO and site marketing, since you can always make changes to your own site while clients might get upset if you were to constantly suggest changes to their site, because they want traffic and they want it now.

  8. Billy New Member


    Of course, but if you worked for a major company with deep pockets, you could do a hell of a lot better, in terms of testing. I don't know about you, but I don't have thousands of dollars to drop on a PPC campaign.


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