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Posting On Forums

Discussion in 'Online Communities' started by danielle davidson, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    So there are some places online where you can make money from posting in forums, and obviously there are rules that come with posting online. Sometimes you will have someone who is very laid back about what you post then you have people who are strict. I mean I think that there are some people online who expect way too much when you're posting on their forums. I know that people who do making money from that, they don't make anything. So, how can these people expect the best posts that someone can make, when they aren't getting paid anything. So, what do you guys think about people who are too strict on the forums?

  2. Jason76 Member


    It's a fact that many people post on forums to gain exposure to their signature link. Otherwise, they wouldn't post on them, or at least, they wouldn't try very hard. However, even on forums where they can post a commercial signature, they often can't post an affiliate link, only a link to a non-affiliate website. On nearly all forums, you can't direct attention to your signature link. I suppose that's a good thing cause otherwise post quality would go down.

  3. jewelraz New Member


    Actually, I was not aware that people can actually get paid if they post on forums! I mean do these sites really pay? I have heard scammed stories on such platforms! Are they only humor or true stories... not sure. But it seems you do have experience on forum posting and getting paid from it. You would know the best. Share us the stories rather asking about what webmasters want....

  4. chinomoreno New Member


    Forums are online communities. And there are legit online communities, that's why establishing a reputation on it is a big deal.
    If you noticed, most forums label their members depending on how many likes/thank yous they get. It also reflects on how they engage and how much value they give on the community. It is a long term success for some, not only for the business (if they have any) but also for personal purpose.


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