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Pinterest open to all advertisers

Discussion in 'Website Marketing' started by toradrake, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. toradrake Member


    Starting January 1, any business that wishes to promote through their site can. The started their "advertising" ability about 8 months ago to see what happens and it turned out to be a success. Now they are opening up to all advertisers. I wonder how well this well this would work for marketing. I was thinking of trying it out myself for my forum. Still trying to figure it all out though.

    Pinterest Opening Up Promoted Pins to All Advertisers

  2. Scorp Member



    I have to say, I'm not 100% familiar with how Pinterest functions exactly, but I hope they don't go down Facebook's road and start reducing the visibility of people's pins in order to make them pay to promote their pins.

    It's like, if there weren't for all the marketers on Facebook to create all those pages and content, Facebook would never have become what it has become, or not as quickly anyway. And that's because there wouldn't be as many interesting things on there. And then as soon as they became too big, they forget who made them and do what they did.

    I always had a good opinion about Pinterest, and I can understand that they are a business and want to make money, but I just hope they don't fall as low as Facebook did and do something similar...

  3. toradrake Member


    I think we all hope that. Pinterest was a interesting concept and I would hate to see them screw themselves up. Maybe they learned from Facebooks mistakes and found a better way to do it.

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  4. Mockingbird New Member


    I am not surprised in the least. I have noticed in the past few months when I have looked for a particular product more often then not a Pinterest picture led me right to where I needed to be. Really the model that is used is so very similar to the old style web directories it is not even funny. It is just in picture form thats all.

    I just went through a day of searching for a dress, more specifically a Terani Couture dress, where did we find it to begin with? Pinterest! Right there clear as day plus a bunch of other dresses that were close in style (But not Couture!!) makes me realize once again the benefit of the older web directory format. So nice to see similar things all together in a group, to bad back then they were not all in a visual format like they are today.

  5. toradrake Member


    I have noticed that just about every picture I come across on the net has a pinterest button for me to pin it. I think they may actual surpass Facebook on usage over time.

  6. Aree Wongwanlee New Member

    Aree Wongwanlee

    I seriously doubt if Pinterest is going to overtake Facebook any time soon. Pinterest started off from a different angle. It is image-based whereas Facebook is text-based. Facebook is full of threads and discussions. I have not visited Pinterest for some time. So are there discussions on Pinterest now?

  7. Billy New Member


    I wonder if this will effect people who are marketing currently on Pinterest. We all know that some sites get greedy and want all traffic which is gained via their sites to produce a profit for them. Facebook has done it, and so have many others.

  8. xTinx New Member


    The client I used to work had a Pinterest account specially set for business promotion. It's really cool. Although obviously Pinterest is more image-oriented, the business/company account is no different from Facebook's business page. You can see relevant stats like organic clicks, views and other pieces of information that can help the firm enhance its online presence. Surprisingly, particularly when your target markets are yuppies or university students, the platform generates good results.

  9. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    I think that Pinterest is a great way to market your site on. I mean it's so easy that all you have to do is get a photo and then set your link with it. Then people will be able to use that to get to your site. It would be a good way to get a good amount of traffic if you have a good following on there. I mean I don't know how big a reach someone has on a site like that if they don't have a lot of followers.

  10. Scorp Member


    The one thing I've read/learned about Pinterest Followers is that they're not all that helpful. I say that because I first read about it, and then when I got a few accounts I grew them (not all that organically though) and at about 3000 followers I don't really notice anything much. However, I've only been on it for a short time, well, not really, but I haven't used Pinterest to the extent where I can tell you what's what without a ton of mistakes. But it's about posting in big boards and using hashtags/nice description with keywords! That's it :D

    But Pinterest is interesting, in the way something goes viral basically. I have a humor account with about 100 pins+ now. I have 2 pins which have gotten about 100 likes and 30-60 repins already, completely organically. But most of the other pins have 2-3 likes and repins.

    So the more people share it the more people share it, and so it goes. I mean, I guess it's like with any social network in reality, but I don't know, Pinterest just feels better to me for some reason.

  11. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    Oh really, I would think that Pinterst wouldn't be as good. I mean that's good that you think it feels better. I find that I don't think it's as good as some other social media site would. I feel like I would have better luck with something like Reddit or any other site. I mean I'm sure that if you spent more time with Pinterst then you would have been able to get more things viral. It seems it would be hard to do something like that.

  12. chinomoreno New Member


    I make it a habit to share my blog posts on twitter and I just noticed recently that they are giving me an option to change my profile from personal to business. I'm still thinking about it, do you guys think that it will be a good move?

  13. Scorp Member


    Well, I have a personal one, and then three business accounts. All the business account really does is it gives you access to analytics, while the personal account does not. I mean, I guess it depends on if you need the analytics or not.

    I would advise to be typical, keep your personal account personal, and make a business account for business. Other than the analytics, I don't think it makes any difference.


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