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Old(ish) Fuddy-duddy Vs. Rejection-of-old-reliable-for-new-fangled

Discussion in 'Squabbles' started by rabst, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. rabst New Member


    I'm guessing that's the conflict that arises when I hear that Google Chrome won't update for Windows XP or -Vista anymore (starting April 2016). From an earlier announcement Google Chrome made, I gather that it's because Microsoft itself (makers of the two operating-systems) gave up on XP years ago and thus haven't updated their 'security-functions'---making it hard for Google to update Chrome as 'securely' as they would like to.

    I don't understand that---something like 'users of other connected computers--if they know your IP and if you don't have "security-features" that cut them out--can surf the Internet as you, can access all your deep-dark secrets, and can ... all sorts of scary hacker-stuff.'

    I don't really care, and Google Chrome will OPERATE on the old system; but it might not be able to read new pages that use updated codes-etc. (similar to the way my Internet Explorer won't read Pizza Hut's delivery-ordering page), so maybe I need to download Firefox or some other browser (as I really don't wanna mess with 'transitioning to a whole new OS') ... yeah?


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