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Offering Web Design & Development Services

Discussion in 'Hire & Be Hired' started by Survivor29, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. Survivor29 New Member


    Hello everyone,

    I'd just like to put it out there that I'm offering complete web design & development services at an affordable price. I was based in Alabama in the United States but I'm now in another part of the world setting up my own software company.

    We always deliver quality products within your time and budget. I've had experience with many clients who have been disappointed with the freelancers whom they've hired online. Usually the issues are with communication or the quality of the delivered product.

    If you'd like to give me a try, please feel free to reply here and I'll get in touch with you.

    Thanks, and looking forward to your business.

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  2. SimplySidy Member


    As you are setting up your own Software Company, may I ask if you would be hiring off-shore guys ? I am a freelance with knowledge about Wordress, Core PHP and MySQL. My expertise however is in - Understanding the Requirements and Framing out the Steps to accomplish the task. I also have been associated as a Team Lead with another local firm who does SEO and Development. But to be honest, as I am home most of the time - owing to my ailments - I am not on a regular payroll. So if needed and founduseful, I can work full time for you.

    I am at the moment moving my website to Wordpress (though the older website can be accessed from the Home URL).

  3. ducklord Member


    I've worked professionally as a writer for (some of) the best tech magazines, but the catch is that I did it in Greek. 'cause I'm Greek. As I usually say, "it happens" :)

    Anyways, I've also studied graphic design / arts and know my way around HTML and CSS - you can see my work at my own site, unregistered dot gr (design, theme for WordPress as well as all posts under my "ducklord" pseudonym, although you probably won't understand a word since they're in Greek.

    So, I'm available for both content creation as well as a designer, if you feel like you like what you see. I find I'm especially good at fluid designs for modern websites that fit and match every size of device, any screen imaginable, but I prefer to stay on the design side of the spectrum. If you'd need my services, feel free to contact me.

    I'd also be interested in any collaboration with "true" developers, with knowledge of JavaScript and PHP, to complement each others strengths and maybe create some themes together. Is anyone interested?

  4. SimplySidy Member


    @ducklord : Sounds really great. I had a look at your website and it was amazingly fast to load, despite me on a slower internet, and I loved the images or better, the theme.

    I have recently completed learning WordPress Theme coding (though there are still some gray areas and I have to master them). And I know myself - I am worst when it comes to understanding colors for any website :D (and this is why I have no designs to word upon). Though I have made a few templates for clients earlier on WordPress - based on designs from them (but back then it was WordPress 2.x).

    Do you do the Theming on WordPress or you only do the designs for WordPress? In case you are looking out for a coder who can help on WordPress, I would like to offer my services. Maybe we can have a skype chat or anything else between us.

  5. ducklord Member


    @SimplySidy Man, I'm in! The site you saw was 99% created by me, with the final 1% being existing PHP code and plugin customization from my former colleage - not stuff I wouldn't be able to do myself, but... Well, here it goes.

    Me and a friend decided to create our own network of sites. Me, having worked professionally as a writer, well, writing, as well as taking advantage of my design "abilities" (not that they're anything special - they were, at the time, "better than his"). Him, as a self-tought webdev, taking on the task of all the coding.

    While creating site by site, I was fed up with some of their limitations, and started studying HTML and CSS to prove to him that some stuff COULD be done as I was envisioning it. After we saw our sites remaining totally and truly unsuccessful for years upon years, we split. And I was left with no coder.

    So, I learned the rest by myself and with some help from him (...through...the...telephone... Not even Skype!) I rebuilt this site you saw almost from scratch.

    I'm telling you all this to explain that, yes, I CAN make a "WordPress theme" fully on my own, but I don't want to. I already did once, and I don't like moving that far away from design to implement the "functionality" part of a site. I know "how it's done", I can help in its creation, but I prefer to "show designs and tell the other dude how to do it". And, of course, to have HIM tell me why some stuff SHOULDN'T be done - that's what a collaboration is, ain't it?

    If you'd like to take the role of "The Coder" with me providing either PSDs, or HTML and CSS (in which you could... er... actually copy-paste WordPress codes, as I mentioned in my other post you saw), and then killing yourself over the perfect Loop and functions.php, I'm all in! I've even got some designs for themes semi-ready, I could tweak for us to turn to full-blown sites! Plus, I'm preparing to start another project, a new site where you could help.

    I've got no clients up to now, though, and with this economic condition in Greece, I don't know if we'll manage to ever have clients from "my part of the equation". Would YOU be able to find clients, with me helping out with the design part? I'd love that!

    As for the site you said "was fast".... heh, yeah, that's cause all images you see belong to the posts. The theme itself was built WITHOUT images at-all, apart from some "default category" images (again for the posts themselves) and the social icons. Er... OK, the logo too. Everything else, design-wise, was pure HTML and CSS, so as to keep the theme as light as possible. I knew we'd have lots of images from the posts, so adding more stuff on it would make it crawl.


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