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Mobile use

Discussion in 'Web Development' started by toradrake, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. toradrake Member


    Is your website up to par with mobile users? I have been working on my forum, blog site, and store for a while now and the one thing that has been nagging me is, how will it look to a mobile user? I just realized that at the current moment I am unable to change my settings (or haven't figured out how) for my sites to be mobile friendly. Are your sites mobile friendly?

  2. Niall95g New Member


    Mobile friendly is an important aspect of all websites that can no longer be ignored. More people browse the web on a mobile device today than they do on a desktop or a laptop!

  3. KenBrace New Member


    I'm running xenforo with both of my sites right now and the mobile version looks great. The xenforo team did a really good job with the responsive design.

    One thing I've learned is that the desktop version of a site is sometimes better on a phone than the mobile version. Many sites make the mobile version of their site to be too large and clumpy as well as limited in functionality. You have a much more open feeling with the desktop version.

  4. toradrake Member


    OMG! @Converse! I hope you see this... I finally figured out what platform my forum is on. Its VB5. You would not believe what I went through to find that out. I am SO proud of myself. LMAO.

    Turns out that my forum and blog platforms are both mobile friendly, but I am still working on figuring out if my store is or not. For the store portion though, I was thinking about building a mobile app anyway so I might not worry to much on it right now. I would however prefer for it to be mobile friendly app or not.

  5. Converse Active Member


    My choices were between vBulletin and Xenforo. For many years, vBulletin was the gold standard for forum software, but I kept coming across stuff by people who have not liked the last two updates of vBulletin, and noticed that many former vBulletin administrators were switching to Xenforo. Unsure which to go with, I finally opted for the less expensive of the two. vBulletin should be a good choice, however; particularly since you want to add other things to it.

  6. KenBrace New Member


    I've never really liked vBulletin myself. My two favorites have always been XenForo and IPBoard. I find vBulletin to feel somewhat messy. Especially the older version with the weird navigation bar at top.

    To be honest I think the only reason vBulletin is still being used is because of its previous position that you mentioned. Older admins are already used to it so they continue to use the software. The newer admins aren't really using it as much.

  7. toradrake Member


    I can't wait until I get the funds to be able to use Xenforo. I hear so many great reviews on it. I just found out that my forum is on VB5. It seems pretty good, but there are so many limitations.

  8. KenBrace New Member


    What kind of limitations?

    Just the look & feel or are there limitations in the functionality that XenForo offers?

  9. toradrake Member


    Mostly look and feel, but there are features in Xenforo that I can't seem to find the ability to create in VB5. I have been doing a little research and Xenforo seems to be a great option for the future. Right now, I'm working with what I got. LOL


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