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Mobile SEO

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by toradrake, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. toradrake Member


    The younger generation spends more time on their cell phones then they do anything else, and part of that is searching. Is your SEO set up for mobile search? Here is an article for you to read to check what you may need to do to make for sure it is.

    Using "Mobile" Tools in Your SEO Strategy

  2. Clarke Member


    Yes, You are right Toradrake. Not only young generation but mostly all have smartphones and they use their mobiles for any online service. Mobile apps increase the usability of site very easy.

  3. cwvps New Member


    I think everyone is on their phones nowadays. I would miss a lot if I hadn't optimized my site for mobile on time.

  4. juliets_journal New Member


    Yes that is true. Actually I would say around 90% of people use mobile phones to search. Wow, I had no idea that there is a difference between mobile searches and the computer searches. For me, SEOs were SEOs regardless of whether the search was being done via a mobile device or a computer. I thought that as long as an article had a keyword, it was available for everyone on the internet. Until now I still cannot figure out the difference between the two searches i.e, one done from a mobile device and the other from a computer. Although I will follow the link @toradrake I would really appreciate a brief explanation on the issue. It would be very useful for my site.

  5. chinomoreno New Member


    That's why mobile SEO and responsive design are part of site optimization now, it is necessary especially for growing online businesses who want to expand their reach.


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