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Discussion in 'Web Development' started by toradrake, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. toradrake Member


    Until I now, I never really paid attention to this area of development. After reading this article I found I decided to pay a little more closer attention. For those who are not aware of what Microcopy is, basically Microcopies are

    Here is a link to the article so that you can get a better understanding as to why these areas are important.

    What Is Microcopy and How Can It Help Your Website

  2. ockham New Member


    So basically, microcopy are the smaller sections of the text that the user are most likely to encounter? I've never heard of that term before, but this does make sense. A website might be pretty and well-organized, but if users can't use it, they're not going to appreciate it.

    The fact "Terms and Conditions" counts as microcopy cracks me up. I have never seen a T&C section be a readable size.

  3. Converse Active Member


    90% of website owners have never read their own terms and conditions.

  4. toradrake Member


    I usually make a whole page for T&C and I make for sure it is written so that it can be seen. I write my own so I have no choice but to read it. LOL

  5. jblogger New Member


    I have never heard of this term before but it makes sense that every site owner should pay attention to every single aspect of their sites.

    As for me I want to become an expert copywriter. In fact this is going to be my number one goal for 2015!

  6. Converse Active Member


    I'm guilty of that. If it's a site that I have built from scratch, I sometimes have intentions of creating a terms and conditions page but never get around to it. If it's something based on a script, like a forum or directory, it generally comes with a generic terms and conditions. Sometimes, I'll go in and do some personalization of it, with the intention of doing a rewrite, but I don't always get around to it.

  7. Aminur Rahman New Member

    Aminur Rahman

    Macrocopy impact on user experience in terms of web development, me too had no idea how important it is! Thanks for sharing this awesome article.


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