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Marketing Strategies

Discussion in 'Website Marketing' started by Rainman, Nov 30, 2014.

  1. Rainman New Member


    Tempting though it might be especially when one marketing strategy is working, a web-site owner never should rely on just that one or two marketing strategies to get more people to visit their site.

    The logic behind that is simple. If you rely on just one method to promote your web-site then, if you were, for some reason, to get banned from say a social network and your account deleted, you lose access to all the people you could have reached.

    To avoid losing, literally everything: traffic, potential customers and the money you could have made from them, use a combination of different marketing strategies such as:

    - SMM
    - Promoting your site on forums and Question and Answer sites.
    - Guerrilla marketing [which combines numerous marketing strategies]
    - Offline marketing, etc

    In any case, this [strategy] could get your site more exposure. The more eyeballs you attract = more $$$ eventually.

  2. tmgenterprises New Member


    You have confused the terms strategy and tactic, Rainman. Your marketing strategies are what you are trying to accomplish while the tactics are how you are going to reach those goals. For example, your strategy would be to get more traffic (and we all should have that as part of our marketing plan), while the things you list are the tactics you'll use to get to your goal.

    I do agree with your premise, though. You should never rely on one tactic for anything. Diversification is the key to a successful online business of any type.

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