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Making Money

Discussion in 'Social Networking' started by danielle davidson, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    I heard that there is now a way you can make money online with social media. I'm not sure how you are able to do this, so I'm wondering if any of you guys know. The only one that I know of is the one on Twitter. I don't recall what it's called or what you do, but I know you can make money from it. I mean if you use social media a lot then I'm sure that this would be a good way to make some money. So, do you guys know any sites you can make money from on social media?

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  2. Jason76 Member


    Social media is a goldmine for online earning. Some people use social media to promote their website, while others make money on social media alone. For instance, many people sell things on Facebook, and others advertise various business opportunities. It's all done via Facebook pages and groups.

  3. Scorp Member


    Oh, so many methods, one could write a book.

    Selling Instagram shoutouts.
    Promoting your website (which sells something or has ads on it) on Facebook, Twitter, social media sites in general.
    Selling Social media followers/likes/shares/views, etc etc.
    MyLikes - share stuff on social media and get paid for every click you get.
    Promoting CPA links on social media
    Promoting PPD links on social media
    Promoting affiliate links on social media
    Selling social media accounts
    Being a social media manager

    And the list goes on and on. However, almost all of the methods don't have to do with making money On social media, it's more With social media. I mean, I've never sold anything directly on facebook or twitter or anything, but I have gotten traffic from those places and then sold stuff to them on my own websites.

    A friend of mine made some youtube videos a long time ago, and is still making the odd Clickbank affiliate sale and making a few bucks, totally passively.

    There's a lot of potential in social media, and the sky is the limit!

  4. rabst New Member


    The latest way is called Get Paid-dot-Social, which pays users to do 'small tasks' (visit an advertiser's webpage, like an advertiser's Facebook-page, etc.)

    I think you can still join for free, but paid members get first-access to the tasks (each of which has a limit on the number of members it'll earn for).

    It just started 'paying work' this month, so you might still need to do some 'developers.facebook'-work to get all the features if you join.

  5. fastreplies Original Member



    Money... making money... more money...
    Are we forgetting that Social Networking is all about building relations?


  6. Scorp Member


    Like Kevin O'Leary says: "It's only about the money, all of the time."

    Or like Gordon Gekko says: "It's all about bucks, kid. The rest is conversation."

    Or like Donald Trump says: "I'm REALLY rich!!"

    hahaha ;)

  7. chinomoreno New Member


    I do make money from social media by selling stuffs like shoes and clothes. I think that's the best way you can make money from it.

  8. fastreplies Original Member



    and stupid... and lets not forget INSANE




  9. Klausm New Member


    You need to have a healthy and vibrant followerbase in order to make money from social media.
    Just open any Social media account and start from scratch. I costs years to build a 200k+ followerbase.


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