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Link Exchange Directories

Discussion in 'Directory Submissions' started by toradrake, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. toradrake Member


    Someone once told me that link exchange directories (or directories that offer link exchange rather then payment) is not a good idea. Why? If the directory is a good directory and fits to the niche you are submitting to, why would it be a bad idea?

  2. Converse Active Member


    That may have been me, because I wrote an article about that a couple of months ago. Reciprocal links are frowned on by Google, and possibly other search engines, as they view it as an unnatural linking scheme. In other words, a trade: if you link to my site, I'll link to yours.

    Unless a large percentage of your link profile consists of such two-way links, it's not something that I would worry too much about. Google is unlikely to penalize your site for a few two-way links since they do, as you suggest, often occur in natural linking situations. However, a two-way link has never been as valuable as a one-way link. My own practice, when I am submitting my own sites, is that I will usually choose the paid option that doesn't require a reciprocal link, with one exception.

    If I am going to be linking to the site anyhow, such as from my directory of directories, and the directory doesn't really suck otherwise, I might choose the reciprocal link option. Otherwise, I would opt out of reciprocal links.

    Keep in mind that it's good to have a diverse linking profile so a few two-way links aren't necessarily a bad thing.

  3. toradrake Member


    OK, that explains why I remember hearing that. LOL

    Yeah, I can understand that. Too much of anything is a bad thing to begin with. I always try to keep things on the minimum when I do anything. If that makes any sense. Right now, I only have a few back links and they are just because I just started back linking. I am trying to not use to many of the same resources for my back linking. I have a few forums and blogs with back links, nothing reciprocal. Was thinking of doing a few reciprocal directory back links but not right now.

  4. vtech New Member


    Reciprocal links are discouraged by google.

  5. chinomoreno New Member


    It isn't bad as long as it is quality and relevant.
    The reason why link exchange directories are discouraged because of how people over use it, same goes to other link building techniques.
    It is a fact that link exchange is a link building strategy so it is just fair for Google to take a look into how people do this type of strategies.


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