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Learn CSS Quikly !

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by Brennen, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. Brennen Member


    Hey guys out here. I need to know CSS in quick time. Because I've just joined to my friend's company. Here web designing is the main task to do and also PSD to HTML conversion as well. It needs CSS a lot. I know HTML but not CSS. Help me out for learn this quickly.

    Thanks in Advance.

  2. SimplySidy Member


    I can tell you a dozen sites but then, you will have to decide what suits you best. There are sites which are slow, some are real fast and even some are confusing. Hence, without getting into referring any website, I can suggest you start off with some free tutorials on the internet. Do a Google Search. Once you have finalized, the site(s) to go with, read most of the CSS. And Essentially, keep practicing. In order to get things working, why not download a couple of free PSD Templates for the websites and using them, do codes as you continue with the study.

    Note that many of the free sites will not give you the tricks for cross browser look and feel and some others. You can post your queries on this and other forums and we can help you out (I am sure, this will not only enhance your skills but also allow us a platform to check our knowledge).

    Hope my suggestions work for you. Good Luck and we are around to assist you in the best ways we can.

  3. xTinx New Member


    CSS can't be explained through this forum alone. For a start, though, you may want to know that there are three types of CSS: internal, external and inline. Internal CSS is placed within the header tag while inline CSS is placed in the body of the text. Most designers would prefer to use external CSS as it's more convenient to use a separate stylesheet that doesn't add up to the already convoluted HTML codes. You just add this "<link href="styles.css" rel="stylesheet">" on the head tag "<head></head>" and whatever changes you make to the stylesheet, it will also reflect on your html file once you open it in the browser. To learn the basics of external coding, check out free resources online. I'm sure there are tons.

  4. vtech New Member


    you can learn CSS from W3schools all things are explained in detail with example

  5. fastreplies Original Member



    Something is telling me that troll knows that already



  6. Hannah Riff New Member

    Hannah Riff

    What does 'quickly' mean? How much time do you have??

    Also why do you take a job you have literally no experience in? Odd.

  7. acidbee New Member


    For me, books work best.


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