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Laisha Designs Websites

Discussion in 'Directory Reviews' started by DirectorsMill, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. DirectorsMill New Member


    Trying to familiarize myself with everything there is to know about web directories. Just like when my husband is wanting a birthday gift for me, before he buys me a new gadget--for kitchen, or SNote or the latest Galaxy Note Pad, he reviews his choices first. He wants the best--worth his hard-earned money. He looks and reads reviews carefully about the product before he pins it down to buying it and making me happy :-D.

    Therefore, at Web Directory Reviews, I found Laisha Designs Websites! And from Laisha Designs, I discovered Magic City Morning Star news, articles, commentaries and opinions. Informative site. I've bookmarked it! Also, at Morning Star, there's 'Writers Journal' at Kings Calendar Journals authored by R.P. BenDedek (a pseudonym). He supports Israel, and that's what draws me further to BenDedek's work.

    Lastly, my husband is a photographer. I'd like to give him a present: to update and improve his website for his photography business. I have an idea now who can best work on it. :).

  2. Converse Active Member


    I began the Magic City Morning Star while we were involved in a local political structure here in Maine. The only newspaper that covered local news to any extent was allied with one side of the issue, and everything else was being ignored while, at the same time, the paper mill in town had filed for bankruptcy, and it seemed that the statewide newspapers were basically publishing press releases from one side or another. I started the Magic City Morning Star with the intention of allowing citizen journalism, wanting to publish any reasonably well written articles that were sent in, but ended up mostly having only one side participating. But it was the side that wasn't otherwise being represented, so it served a purpose. In conjunction with it, I had a political forum, the Katahdin Commons, which has since crashed. Although you can find portions of it preserved in the Wayback Machine, it is otherwise gone.

    We moved from Maine to North Carolina for a couple of years, at which time I could no longer keep up with local news, so we began picking up writers from elsewhere along the world, including R.P. BenDedek, an Australian who teaches English in China. As the years went on, I lost interest in the Magic City Morning Star, so BenDedek took it over for a time, although I still own it and pay for its hosting. On a long list of things I'd like to have time to do is reviving it in some form, possibly book reviews.

    Laisha Designs was my wife's business, from before we were married. We still do web design from time to time, but mostly for local businesses who don't otherwise have a web presence. Every now and then, we'll pick up a client for SEO, so we try to keep up with that as well, but it's no longer a major source of our income.


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