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Keeping Posters

Discussion in 'Forums' started by danielle davidson, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    I find that the hard part about having your own forum is keeping people on it. There are some forums that are made and then they are successful and people will keep on posting on them. And then there are forums that get some action on them, and then it just stops. This could be that there is nothing to write about or just not enough people wanting to talk on it. So, how are you able to keep people posting on your forum?

  2. Alunny Member


    The best thing you can do is post every night at the least. If you post a couple of times every day or at least once at night then they will see new content and hopefully post. Unfortunately members come and go, even the ones you grow to love dearly will sometimes move on. But sometimes they come back too, so it's not all bad.

    One of my favourite members has a funny story. When she signed up I didn't have spam detection stuff and I thought she was spam so I deleted her. She came back a year later and signed up again and told me how she was deleted. I recognised her name instantly and I was so embarrassed. After that I didn't delete anyone just in case (unless they tripped the anti spam system I had installed after that). She is still one of the top posters on my forum because she posted so much, even though she left years ago. I still hope she will come back because I miss her but people grow and change so you never know.

    That said I deleted a tonne of 0 post accounts just a few days ago because I was sick of it, and I really wanted to clean the members up and focus on those who were present and posting. If you have too many 0 post accounts it can make the forum look empty and I just didn't want to look empty anymore (trying to revive the place!) :D.

  3. Jason76 Member


    As Iv'e explained on some other threads, you must target a specific audience which likes your niche. In that case, your bound to find a few people who will post simply out of interest. However, connecting with that audience can be incredibly challenging. in addition, your material must also spark interest.

  4. cwvps New Member


    Right now I am a moderator on a forum which is really good, has great layout, really easy to navigate, choice of colors is awesome, categories are neat and clean, rules easy to follow and the owner is great, but somehow there isn't much activity. I've started to post threads each day, to revive it a bit. Those are mostly questions and I'm wondering should I write some articles for certain categories. Would that be motivating?

  5. 111kg New Member


    The best way to keep people hooked to your forum is to bring value. For instance, you want to know why people spend so much time on Reddit? Because it brings some sort of value in their lives. If your forum is a general one, it may be a little harder (but not impossible) to start a community, because most of the people who can already bring value are probably involved on other forums.

  6. Alunny Member


    You need to invite some people and link your forum around a little bit. You should continue posting content as well for sure!

    Reddit doesn't really bring value it is just addictive. You strive for acceptance and that's what causes you to come back and to rate or post more. In addition to this if you frequent the areas I do you laugh a lot, so basically it drugs you with endorphins and anxiety to seek acceptance ;).

    And people on Reddit don't avoid Digg because they're Redditors, and it's the same for members. I'm on so many forums I can't count them and I wouldn't avoid a general talk forum because of this one or any others.

  7. chinomoreno New Member


    Having a forum is a tedious job. You should know how to keep the fire burning.
    There are a lot of great forums out there but wasted because of lack of moderation.

  8. Jason76 Member


    Well, actually a lot of forums have to be powerful before they can even be messed up by moderators. A lot of forums are not messed up by moderators, but by the forum administrator. He/she refuses to put on adequete spam protection. Therefore, spambots rip thier forum to shreds. When I started messing with forums, that was my problem. I was naive, I even tried to treat the spambots as real people, deleting the posts, and banning them. :rolleyes:


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