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Joining A Directory, Does It Work?

Discussion in 'I Hate Directories Because' started by DirtRider, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. DirtRider New Member


    Years back when I first started with my forums I remember looking at this idea to promote my first forum. I ended up subscribing to a few directories that were active at the time. I also subscribed the new forum to a number of search engines as would be the normal situation with any new site.

    As time passed I could never see any significant advantage that those directories that I had joined really added any value to my forum at all. So I stopped even looking at this as a viable source for obtaining extra traffic to my site. All the time I have been using the internet I cannot recall that I ever checked a web directory when looking for any information on the internet. Using a search engine just seems the logical way to go.

    Another thing that makes me wonder about the use of them being of any great advantage was when Yahoo shut down their one the end of 2014. If they were really a great source of sending traffic to your site why would Yahoo drop the idea completely as they did.

    Will I give them another chance in the future I suppose I might as they ones remaining might have progressed further from the time I used them many years back.

  2. chinomoreno New Member


    Come to think of it, we cannot deny the fact that most online directories are only used for backlink purposes.
    That's why Google considered it as a part of link scheme strategy.
    I stopped submitting to directories for almost a year now, because I thought does it make sense?
    I mean, at least there are still some but I know just a few only use directory when looking for a specific type of business.
    The rest are just aiming for backlinks. That's what I can see, because that's the reality.

  3. DirtRider New Member


    Well if you getting penalized by Google when using them then I would see not purpose even adding your site to one of them. Lets face it all web site owners are now trying to do things that would rank them higher on the better search engines whenever possible.

    If you ask me having a successful site these days is just a matter of real hard work on your particular site itself. It also does not seem that social media really helps in promoting site in general either. These days I try to channel all my energy into the actual site and not worry about all these other sites that are supposed to promote a site.

  4. Converse Active Member


    You will only be penalized by being listed in scam directories, or extremely crappy ones, which is true of any other type of link that you might have. Most people who claim to never get traffic from directories aren't listed in any of the good ones. Since that's what I do for a living, my sites are listed in a lot of directories, many of which are not the best and the brightest, but I also have listings in the better ones.

    Think of a directory listing as one part of link diversity. You probably don't want all of your links to be from web directories. Although I have a few sites that have very few non-directory back-links, they may be doing well regardless because they are web directory related, which makes a directory listing an on-topic link.

    Even so, only about about fifteen percent of my total traffic comes from web directories, with the majority of it coming from Google. However, my web directory traffic is targeted, whereas I have a high bounce rate in traffic coming from a search engine.

    One mistake that people make when submitting their site to a web directory is to submit to categories that are as close to the domain root as possible, where the PageRank used to be. Years ago that was the thing to do but relevancy counts for a lot more now, so you are better off having your site listed in the most relevant category possible. There is also the fact that directories that will accept your site in inappropriately high-level categories tend not to be the most reputable. Also, check to see that this would be a good neighborhood. Are the other sites listed in the category you are about to submit to relevant to the topic of your own site? Are they reasonably good sites or are they spam?

  5. cwvps New Member


    I don't see a problem with submitting to different directories if your content is unique and you're not spamming.

  6. anshikabhardwaj New Member


    Thanks for sharing this information.

  7. SLTE New Member


    I can't help but wonder if the directory itself is more often the problem these days than what you submit. Google has come down pretty hard on a lot of sites in the last couple of years that offer a wide range of subjects rather than narrowing in on one or two specific topics. I used to write for content farms, for example, and they're currently on their last legs as Google demolishes their SEO, regardless of how well-written they are. I could see web directories having the same problems if they're not in Google's good graces. (Seems a bit hypocritical, considering the sheer range of stuff you find on Google, but there you go.)

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  8. Converse Active Member


    This is why it is so important for a directory to maintain quality control, ensuring that sites are listed in categories that are specific to the topic of the site. Many of them have category structures that are so shallow that search engines may have difficult seeing a relationship between sites that are listed on the same page, a habit they developed when site owners were willing to pay more to have their sites listed on pages that had a higher PageRank. Organizing a directory that has been developed in a disorganized manner is a lot harder than starting from scratch, I think.

  9. thzfsdhdty Active Member


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