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It's Not Worth

Discussion in 'I Hate Directories Because' started by jewelraz, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. jewelraz New Member


    I hate directories because it's a waste of time, money and energy. I and my team submitted our website in 150 free directories and guess how many published our link? It's 1-2! We can pay and buy links in directories but why? We are the SEO specialists, we can get free links from somewhere else!

  2. fastreplies Original Member



    You can say that about anything.
    Going to sport events is totally useless exercise with no benefit what-so-ever.
    You wasting your time in car to get there, then ticket, beer, hot dog, program
    cost you money and boy all that energy jumping up and down shouting...

    I rather submit site to a couple of good directories, I know will add it.

    See above

    Because directories pages listed in Google (AMRAY Directory according to WMT have 220,000 in Google)
    and that is where people find you and if you're buying links anyway, then directories the place to but them.



  3. chinomoreno New Member


    If you are an SEO Specialist, then you should know better than that... smh

  4. fastreplies Original Member



    I never said nor claimed, I'm SEO specialist even thou I have placed
    AMRAY Web Directory in top 10 in Google for a dozen of directories
    related key-phrases, but...
    I would like to hear you tell me what exactly I should know better?



  5. chinomoreno New Member


    Sorry dude fastreplies but I was referring to jewelraz.

  6. Klausm New Member


    if you hate some kind of work related aspect well change your proffesion before it causes harm to your health.
    Just a friendly advice :)

  7. cubez Member


    Do not know if website directory help to gain traffics.
    Few directory I have seen are the special directory. Such as classified site or some specific niche site directory.


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