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Is your site mobile-friendly?

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by Ray, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. Ray Active Member


    I've just received this "Important Message" from my Google Adsense account.
    It seems like Google is finally dropping the hammer on this.
    So, have you made the change? I did.
    I've made all the sites I own or manage mobile-friendly :D

  2. chasedood New Member


    My website actually is mobile friendly. The only reason why is because I also run a forum that's use XenForo forum software. So it runs like a dream on mobile.

  3. Jason76 Member


    Making a WordPress blog mobile friendly is very easy. There are many different plugins to do the job. In addition, phpBB has a mobile friendly mod, and I'm sure other forum software has something similar. However, to be honest, Iv'e never understood why people want to view the internet on a mobile. The screen is way too small. o_O

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  4. Alunny Member


    Google is only lowering page rank for mobile search results though, so if you don't have many mobile views it's probably not an investment you'd want to put a lot of time into.

    It all depends on the website, sometimes one size doesn't fit all. If you're an artist with a highly artistic website you wouldn't want to change that. Websites with novelty scrolling or parallax stuff might not want to either. My own personal site scrolls sideways and it's got drawings all over it. I won't be putting any effort into making it mobile friendly, even if I could do so. If it were a shop or store then I probably would.

  5. tasha New Member


    My site is sometimes mobile friendly and often not. I did set it up that way but often when I check it out myself it is not legible on my phone. I am not sure if it is just my phone but it doesn't work for me and if I were a potential customer I would've lost interest long ago.

  6. Ray Active Member


    That's like a woman saying "Sometimes I'm pregnant and often not", you're either pregnant or you're not.
    Your site is either mobile-friendly or it's not. There is no middle ground here.

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  7. kazzak New Member


    My sites that have any need to be raanked in the first place have been mobile-friendly for years already, so Googles announcements have not mattered to me. The reason I chose to go mobile-friendly long time ago was the constantly growing mobile traffic which I personally cannot fathom at all, but since they're already the majority it's a good idea to make more sales by making the site easier for mobile users.

    I guess most sites and platforms nowadasy have at least some level of mobile friendliness anyhow, but I'd say it's quite drastic change to start to favour sites that work on generally smaller devices as well. But I guess that's no something that should surprise us, seeing the growing traffic and Google's need to make money off of it.

  8. mr_bucks New Member


    The easiest way to make a site mobile friendly is to use a css framework like bootstrap. There are other frameworks that do the same thing, but bootstrap is the most popular so there is lots of documentation on it. Bootstrap works on a grid system, so for different sized screens it will have a different sized grid system. So by default it takes care of all the headaches. It also uses the new html 5 tags like <nav> etc.

    There are also wordpress themes which use bootstrap behind the scenes.

  9. tasha New Member


    wow lets hope women don't say that too often!
    My site is mobile friendly sometimes as it often switches on its own, like a man changing his mind a million times!

  10. maverick New Member


    Yes, of course. Responsiveness is one of the most important thing to care about while you are developing your site because nowdays the web pages are not only browsed by computers, laptop but a quite good amount of vists are done by mobile device thus making this decision of Google really strategic and important.

  11. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    I think that this is one of the most important things you can do with your site. There are so many people who are only using their tablet and phone that your site should be mobile friendly now. That is something that I don't have to worry about right now. I've been using WordPress as my place to start a blog. They have an app, so I'm sure that my site is mobile friendly. I know that there are many sites that aren't mobile-friendly and I hate that because then I won't go back there.

  12. Saen Mark New Member

    Saen Mark

    I like the w3 mobile ok checker for checking my site for mobile compatibility...
    because it suggest what you can improve and what is wrong in your site...so that developers can manually optimize the site!
    "W3C mobileOK Checker"

  13. vtech New Member


    yes specially after latest google updates websites should be responsive.

  14. acidbee New Member


    Sure any website should since 2014 :D


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