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Is this board still about web directories?

Discussion in 'Suggestions/Complaints' started by Ray, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. Ray Active Member


    At what point did we lose sight of the fact that, as the title says, this is a "WEB DIRECTORY FORUM".

    I stop by every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day, just to see if there's something new and useful that would help me improve my "web directory", but it seems like the main focus of conversations are about everything else but web directories.

    But, if I'm looking for Social Networking, Free Domain Names, Twitter Marketing, and Color Changes, it seems like, I'm in the right place!

    I understand that, there are lots of important topics that should be explored, and many of them critical issues that need to be discussed but, come on guys, "Podcast in SEO"?, I missed the part where this was a "SEO and Internet Marketing" forum.

    It's my rant for the day :(.

  2. toradrake Member


    Great to see you Ray, it has been a bit since I have seen a post from you. LOL ;)

    Why not post threads on questions you may have about directories to help prompt people to post about them? Checking by is great, but if you don't ask... no one can answer. I try to post threads on directories when I get some information to work with, but I haven't formulated any ideas of a thread to post there as of yet.... still reading through some material. So until I get the information together I need to post, I post in the areas I am familiar with or answer peoples questions, even the ones that do not make a whole lot of sense or seem like a ridiculous question. Yeah the Podcast question was very vague and a little silly, but I don't think they would have asked if they knew the answer. They obviously did not know about it so I answered the question so that they would understand.

    You are right that this is a Web Directory Forum, I don't know why those who are more knowledge about directories then I am have not been posting there. Maybe for a lack of ideas? If you post questions it may prompt people to answer and maybe even give someone an idea for posting a through thread on the question you asked.

  3. Ray Active Member


    Hi Tora,
    You're working under the assumption that everyone that posts on the forum is trying to "get answers" to a question on particular subject.

    With only a few exceptions, most of the people that come to forums like this, come to try and promote their own business or website, specially the self-proclaimed "SEO experts" we all know and love.

    I'm not attacking nor trying to ridicule anybody here. The only message I'm trying to covey here is that, "we need to stay on-point here", keep it relevant to Web Directories
    So, does this mean you don't have any questions about web directories?

    You had mentioned on a different tread that, you're working on building your own directory at some point. I would assume that, at that stage of development, you would be asking about this stuff a lot more than anyone else would. I've just started building directories, about 15 years ago, since 2000, and I'm still looking to improve on it.

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  4. Ray Active Member


  5. Converse Active Member


    Thank you. I have tried, a time or two, to bring discussions around to web directories. One of the problems is that so many of the people who are active here know very little about web directories, which is fine, but some of them aren't even particularly interested. I had more web directory operators and editors involved in my last forum but, when I was forced to abandon that one and start over, without being able to save the database, I think they got discouraged and haven't re-registered here. I keep hoping they'll return eventually, and believe that they will. Unfortunately, they'll find a board that doesn't discuss much related to web directories.

    Yeah, some of these other things are indeed things that web directory people are concerned with as well, so I don't want to remove these other topics, but a more obvious relation to web directories would be desired.


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  6. SimplySidy Member


    I am one of those guilty. Reason is quite simple - I have been occupied with other things at hand and as such, I have not been able to start any new discussion here - be it in the Directories or other Categories. Another reason is - my limitation of knowledge and somehow a lack of interest (or better words would be lack of time these past days) to research or find enough material for a discussion related to Directories.

    Yes, I have been lurking around, reading and participating on a couple of discussions just for two reasons - I have made a few good friends around during my stay here and I want to help them with their issues.

    But yes, I can start off a discussion any moment but I dont find it any good if I cannot participate on it for a while. I hope I will be back with the same zest that I had in around a few more days and that can take care of contributions from my end (agreed, it will be just a drop or two in the big sea).

  7. toradrake Member


    Oh I have tons of questions, but right now I had to put the directory to the side because I am working on my forum, blog, and store at the moment. They are taking most of my time right now. I have had some issues with it. I just had to overhaul my forum and I am working on the color scheme and such. Their tech support is not all that helpful to me. I had a problem I had to figure out and fix myself because no one could figure it out at their support. LOL.

    Well it is good to have you back and I hope to see more post in here from you.... I have no one else to talk to or argue with when you are gone. LMAO That is a lie of course but all the same, good to have you back.

  8. Ray Active Member


    I feel the love all around :rolleyes:.

    My comments were not aimed at you specifically, it was actually triggered by a new post a saw suggesting that we should have an internet marketing forum (section) for Internet newbies, so they could learn about "internet marketing". Come on, where does it stop...

    So I felt the need to say something, and I did.

  9. Rainman New Member


    The post you refer to was an open-ended question for communities in general, not the WDR forum. Maybe the wording made it appear like I was asking for a new internet marketing section. If that was so then I hope this clears it up.

    Post wasn't meant as a suggestion to create a new section. I only used Internet Marketing as an example to ask forum members whether they'd consider creating a new section for newbies on their forums so 'beginner' questions don't pop up each time a new member registers. They'd have their answers in one place.

  10. Ray Active Member


    Hello Rainman,

    As I've said before, my post was not intended to attack nor try to ridicule anyone here but, if I'm in a WEB DIRECTORY FORUM, and I wanted to pose an open-ended question like the one on your post, I'd provably use terms that are closer to home.

    Here's my version of it:
    Creating A Special Board For Newbies

    "Let's take the example of a web directory editing styles forum. Not everyone who joins the community knows enough about directory editing. A number of new members know totally nothing about editing directory submissions and might have a difficult time finding information that a newbie to running a web directory would find helpful.

    It would be great for that reason to have a section where newbies will find guides, articles, etc which introduce them to directory editing. It would make it a lot easier for them to grasp the basics that way and afterwards [if they are so inclined, they can choose to post in other sections of the forum."

    Its the old saying "when in Rome"....

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  11. toradrake Member


    You know though.... Rainman's suggestion is a good one, regardless of the terminology they (don't know if you are male or female and don't want to insult) used.

    If admin makes a beginner section, I have a boat load of questions I can ask on that section as I don't know squat about directories. I thought I knew at least a little about them then I come here and realize I'm an idiot when it comes to directories. LMAO

  12. Ray Active Member


    Hi Tora,
    Again, you missed the whole point of my post.
    Oh, yeah, LOL :)

  13. Converse Active Member


    Do we really need a newbie section, though? It's not like we have a hardcore group of experienced directory experts here who would be offended over a question from someone who is new to web directories. What I had in mind when I created the forum was that it would be place for those in the web directory industry to talk about the issues of importance to them, as well as a place where others could learn about web directories, since both are important components.

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  14. Converse Active Member


    Anyone should feel free to ask questions about web directories here, with no prior knowledge required. I can't speak for everyone, of course, but I think it's unlikely that anyone is going to get upset if you ask an honest question. I don't believe that a newbie's section is required. If you have a question about directory scripts or themes, there is a section of the forum for that. Likewise, there are sections for directory operation, and pretty much anything else that you might have a question on regarding directories.

  15. Ray Active Member


    I think you may have missed Reply #8 above, this had to do with some one suggesting a new board for newbies about "internet marketing", not a board for newbies about web directories.

  16. Converse Active Member


    Oops. Yeah, there could be a market for that. Internet marketing forums are generally dominated with people who know very little, but give their (usually someone else's) opinion nevertheless, and those who are there for the sole reason of making sure everyone else knows how smart they are.

    Last edited: Feb 18, 2015
  17. toradrake Member


    Good point.... LOL

    Another good point

    I was actually referring to a newbie section that only admin and those admin designates are able to post threads in and people can respond to them but that is it. But, no newbie section.... moving on.... next conversation. LOL

  18. fastreplies Original Member





  19. Jill Original Member



    So you're upset because someone posted a list of directories that they found somewhere that didn't include AMRAY? I don't get it. With all the posts here that have nothing to do with web directories, that one was at least on topic.

  20. toradrake Member


    @fastreplies, why don't you post some threads on web directories?

    @Jill, LOL, I'm trying I swear! :cool: There is just so little information out there to draw from and with no experts posting, I really have a hard time saying anything about directories. I want to become more knowledgeable about them, hence the reason I am here, but it is hard when I can't get any information and I really don't know what to ask to prompt information. I am trying though. :p


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