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Is This a Fair Rating of Microsoft (Bing, Outlook) Customer-Service?

Discussion in 'Web Development' started by rabst, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. rabst New Member


    I have a problem with my email; not a BIG problem, but rather-complicated (maybe I'll talk about it below). So I went to Microsoft's customer-service site & eventually navigated to a section for chatting with tech-assistance. I got about halfway through 'explaining the problem,' and the chat-line cut out.

    I waited a little bit to connect with another assistant, and the screen gave me a number to call. So I got to my phone, called them, told them I needed help with Outlook.com ... and they sent me BACK to the customer-service site! ARRRGGH :mad:

    My problem (coz there's a better chance that YOU can assist me than -that the people who are PAID TO HELP will be any help at all:rolleyes:): two 'message filter'-rules I have running (that send received messages to special folders) are one that sends messages from "Facebook Groups" to one folder and -one that sends THOSE messages to a DIFFERENT folder if they have "re" in the subject-line. (I tried to make it "re:" in the subject-line, but Outlook.com doesn't record the ":" and so lumps-in "aRE" and "they'RE/you'RE/etc." with the "RE:"s.) I'm just looking for the code for 'colon' to try to put THAT in my message-rules.


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