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.io Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Domains' started by 111kg, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. 111kg New Member


    What do you think about the new extensions? I see that .io extension is quite popular nowadays (probably because of the game Agar.io), but truth be told, I don't think this extension is seen with good eyes by Google. Has anyone ever seen a site built on an .io extensio ranking on the first page for its main keyword? Because I haven't.

  2. vtech New Member


    well results dont really depend on domain extension. Its the mindset of people and i believe people more are looking for .com domains

  3. 111kg New Member


    I beg to differ. I've tried to rank using both white hat and black hat SEO methods to rank a .co in my local country and I failed. I moved the content to a .com and ranked the site on the first page after one week. No matter what is told, the extension still counts.

  4. chinomoreno New Member


    I don't think extensions really matter in SEO or in search engines.
    It is more on user preference.

  5. jblogger New Member


    I've seen a lot of internet startups using .IO these days. It's quite popular but so far it hasn't been my number one choice when looking for a new domain. I'm yet to register one .IO, i'm sticking around with .COM :)


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