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Question In which ways are search engines more useful than directories?

Discussion in 'Questions & Answers' started by Converse, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. Converse Active Member


    The question is in the title: In which ways are search engines more useful than web directories? Since we still have a small crew here, I'll give it two weeks, and choose the best answer on November 18. The Best Answer doesn't necessarily have to be one that I agree with, as long as you can make the best argument. If you would like to comment without trying for the Best Answer, choose the "Discussion" tab.

  2. fastreplies Original Member



    Well, you got it all wrong.
    I have no problems to point why Directories are more useful than Search Engines
    but not vise versa... I think I'll wait for the right question.



  3. Converse Active Member


    There "are" ways in which search engines are more useful than directories. I didn't ask the reverse question because it was too close to the first question I asked here, so I thought I'd wait for a while on that one.

  4. SimplySidy Member


    Best Answer
    In my opinion, it is about the ease of use, hype and making things available which lends the Search Engines an upper hand. Millions of users know Google, Bing as search engines and nothing more (though they use Gmail, I know a bunch who did not believe that it was from Google - of course this was in the initial days when GMail was launched).

    The reason I see for their popularity is - they help you find answers to your queries from all across the places they have crawled (based on your search query) - as such you get a lot of options for your searches. The directories rarely or never crawl beyond their database and as such, their search results are limited. So technically, if XYZ was considered to be a directory, and it was confined to only the technical blogs - it was of no use if you were looking out for designer wear, though it might have been the best place to know about say Operating Systems or even Smartphones.

    This for sure poses a limitation to the Directories - The user will need to be technically more aware about what is the niche of any directory or what are the directories that are the best places for searching what s/he wants. This means taxing our brains. And we, humans, are a lazy lot by nature and forgetting things runs in our veins :D. The search engines took over the "where to search" responsibility, keep us away form the burden of remembering what directory to go to for our search and added to our laziness thus making themselves more efficient and useful.

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  5. Converse Active Member


    That was a good answer. Would anyone else like to weigh in on this one?

  6. Moore New Member


    Search Engines are better because they give you a long list of possible answers in a very comfortable environment

  7. Converse Active Member


    Sorry, I was a bit late on this one. @SimplySidy had the best answer.

  8. Arianna New Member


    This is a good question. The thing about this though is that they are two totally different things in a sense. A directory is very specific and limited as Simply Sidy said. Search engines have been directly designed off of the directory concept though. They are the modern version of the directory. Like the information booth showing your choices. Google puts it all right in front of you. The persons face to the right the website choices. Complete information about them in a neat box. The search engine is much more advanced because it instantaneously gives you pages and pages of results. How they came up with it is beyond me. The directory or a directory is one site isolated to only its contents that are entered. The engine seeks out everything in the abyss of the internet. The engine is like the ominous point of view in story telling. What is amazing is how some web designers know how to manipulate and get things at the top of it. A directory you also can't take a word and search it. The engine will search anything. My point is they have two very different purposes or are different animals. I don't believe you can compare them fairly. However a directory could be a search engine or be made into one.


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